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The Dark’s Methods

Post #200 These last few days seems all about understanding the dark. The dark are small in number but large in terms of the influence they have exerted both in world affairs and in my life. When I graduated as … Continue reading

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Karma Clearing Command

Some of this information is outdated and I now believe the concept of a command to clear karma to be bogus. John Ross-September 2011. In less than a week, next Thursday, I am scheduled to experience the karmic clearing command. … Continue reading

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The shifts within me continue and try as I might; nothing was given me to write. As is my practice, I asked my guides to choose from my archives and they chose Intentions written January 29. ‘The road to hell … Continue reading

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The New Me

These full moon energies and the meditative processes I engaged in during the week or so while these energies were being delivered seem to have made a shift within me. There is a new me living in this old body … Continue reading

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In the early 1990’s some important learning came my way. It was well known to many others and well understood in many indigenous populations, but not taught and little used within the competitive framework in which I was raised and … Continue reading

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Full Moon Energies

These last two days have been lazy, stay at home days and having the freedom to do just that and nothing more was a great blessing. The full moon energies were certainly part of the adjustments and integrations that took … Continue reading

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As Many Lifetimes as it Takes

These full moon energies are hitting me hard and again, I have nothing to write. My guides chose this entry from September 20, a little over a month ago. Over the past two or three days, a realization has been … Continue reading

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