An Ancestor Crosses Over

Some days, I am given nothing to write and today is one of them. On these days, I will ask my Guides to choose a blog from my archives and that will be my post for the day. Here is their first choice, from February 12. 

This morning’s meditation was very eventful. I was guided to do the forgiveness half of the soul forgiveness process in Dr. Sha’s Soul Communication book. The process invites all those who have hurt me to visit and I forgive them. The principle arrival was a long dead ancestor of my maternal grandfather, who lived in Morpeth, England, near Scotland and the North Sea. Ten or fifteen years ago, he appeared to my Mother as she stood on the Morpeth train station platform during a visit to her ancestral roots. He was the leader of three mounted horsemen, charging toward her brandishing swords. My Mother’s reaction was wonderment, not fear, and she turned to her travelling companions to see if they saw what she had seen. None did, and when she returned her attention, the apparition was gone. Searches for clues as to their identity and purpose proved fruitless and it simply became part of family lore.

This ancestor played a prominent role in the psychic reading I got a little over a year ago and here he was again. At first, we just made friends and experienced each other’s energy. ‘Why have you come?’ I asked. ‘To be forgiven.’ Then it came to me. This man had not crossed over and wanted my help in so doing. I offered the assistance of my guides which has worked before, but he declined saying he would only cross over with the help of a descendant and before taking my offered help, he had things he wanted to do, principally to be forgiven for what he did in his last lifetime some two hundred and fifty years ago.

I could see he had not forgiven himself and offered to assist in that process. I also invited in any of his descendants who cared to join us. An unexpected visitor was my Dad, no blood relative, but the two had an immediate rapport, easing the tensions. ‘Why don’t you lay down your sword,’ I suggested, ‘It is only in the way of what you want to do. Just lay it on the Earth. She knows what to do with it.’

My Ancestor complied and we watched as the sword evaporated and was no more. Thus disarmed, my visitor began to visibly soften and shift. His prickliness vanished and we became friends, supporting him in his transition. At about this time, my Daughter came out of her bedroom for breakfast and I offered my visitor a break. ‘Much has been done, let’s complete this process tomorrow.’ Again, my Ancestor complied, after all, what is one more day to a ghost of two hundred and fifty years.

My Daughter and I compared notes and experiences over breakfast and I felt ready to complete the process. Back to meditation I went and my Ancestor was soon back and eager for more. First he asked some questions, metaphysical questions, but not difficult and I gave him answers. He felt safe with me but feared crossing over to the Light. ‘Do not be afraid. You feel safe in my light and where you are going is a thousand times more welcoming and more forgiving. Divinity has long since forgiven you your sins. Forgive yourself if you can, and go without fear.’

He began to cry. I held space and was just there for him, keeping him in my light and in my love, patiently waiting for his grief to pass. When it passed, he was ready and began moving toward the Light. I could tell he no longer needed my help, but followed in case and out of curiosity. Soon he crossed over and I put my hand out toward the Light, hoping for something to remember him by. My index finger felt a warm tingle and I shall always have a reminder should he choose to contact me from the other side.

Awesome experience. Awesome to have served in this way.

Freedom for humanity…

This experience raised many questions within me and the next day, my blog was dedicated to answering those questions and is called Ancestor Meeting Aftermath, dated February 13 at .


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