My Completion

In Shirley McLean’s book The Camino, she describes a mystical reliving of being split into two beings, one female which continues to be her, and the other male. She marries the male half and they live happily for a time, but the relationship ends with each going their own way, both incomplete in some way. Before this process, she is a Lumerian being, both male and female, able to conceive through an act of will; and complete in and of her/him self. She volunteers for this new process and continues her ageless lifetime as a female until the rising powers in Atlantis bring destructive forces and both Atlantis and Lumeria are destroyed by the deluge.

Until writing this, I considered McLean’s experience to be a reversal of the Creator’s Divine process of birthing souls. Souls are birthed as pairs, one completing the other, thus the concept of one’s Completion, a simpatico soul many of us search for in our relationships. Another of the many names for this twin soul is twin flame. A second concept is that of soul mates. These are souls who incarnate together by choice and live lifetimes together, often with soul agreements to provide each other desired experiences in this earth school called Life. Until writing about this today, I considered the male half of McLean’s reliving to be her Completion, her twin flame; but it now comes to me that the Lumerian being who was split in two was only half of the created soul, not the Completion. Therefore, the male half of the splitting was simply a soul mate, not McLean’s twin flame/Completion.

Does this mean we are destined to wander through endless incarnations in search of our Completion? Yesterday, on 10-10-10, that question was answered. In the lower dimensions, living separate lives is the rule rather than the exception, but as we learn our lessons and move into the higher dimensions, living with our Completion becomes the rule. The coming process of Ascension will see many souls united with their completion. In fact, that may well be a normal way to experience incarnation in the fifth dimension.

A significant part of my motivation to Ascend was the sense within me that through Ascension, I would reunite with my Completion, with the other half of the pair Source created when my soul came into being. In simple terms, I thought I would Ascend, reunite with my Completion, and live happily ever after. In simple terms, that still looks to be exactly what is in store, but like the recent movie title, It’s Complicated.

Firstly, Ascension itself is far more complex than my initial perception which was to Ascend in May of 2008, thus my e-mail and Twitter address, ascend08. This was misunderstood Divine guidance for me to become fully devoted to the Ascension process in May of 2008, leaving behind all distractions, including the relationship I was in and the work I was doing. I followed this guidance, expecting to Ascend in the process and slowly learned that Ascension would be triggered by the end of the era at the winter solstice of 2012 and humanity’s Ascension would take place at the spring equinox of the following year, in March 2013. Some have already Ascended, including some who are currently incarnated here on Earth, but part of my mission is to be involved with the mass Ascension in two and a half years, and provide information and perhaps leadership to the masses. Thus an early Ascension in 2008 was not my path.

Secondly, my Completion is not currently incarnate here on Earth. This is true of many of us as each half of these created pairs has free will and chooses lifetimes from the infinite variety the Universe offers. My Completion has made herself known to me in the ethers along with a promise to join me by incarnating, or coming to the Ascended Earth; thus fulfilling my simple expectation when embarking on this great journey.

Meanwhile, our ever growing loosely knit team of Lightworkers continues the process of preparation for Ascension; ridding the beleaguered Earth of humanity’s current dark masters, bringing full disclosure to all, and grafting the New Earth timeline into the third dimension. The New Earth timeline brings peace and harmony to all of humanity, and abundance technology available to all so no one goes hungry, thirsty, homeless, or without proper clothing; except by choice.

Freedom for humanity…


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