Inglorious Distinction

The coming Ascension is like a huge jigsaw puzzle, one that takes a lot of time to piece together and a piece fell into place this morning. I have long known that Ascension is timed to coincide with a major shift in our galaxy and perhaps in the universe, a shift from energies supporting the dark to energies supporting the Light. Steps have been taken to end the dark’s control in advance so the new era is entered with a foundation of Light in place, ready to support this beautiful new timeline. From the galactic point of view, the dark’s creator god, a being known as Ankara ended hostilities and switched allegiance to the Light’s agenda in the mid-1990’s and advised all his created warrior nations to do likewise. With very few exceptions, they complied and we have peace in the galaxy with the warrior races now peacefully working toward bringing equality and higher consciousness to their homelands.  

What was the new piece of information? Earth was/is the densest home of sentient life, not only in the entire galaxy but in the entire cosmos. Yes, right here in this beautiful planet from among countless planets housing sentient life and we have the distinction of the densest of them all. That still blows my mind. How is that for an inglorious distinction?

It was not planned this way, if fact quite the contrary as the plan was to create the lowest density at which physical bodies could survive and the creators of planet earth and humanity worked diligently toward that aim. This grand and beautiful plan was hijacked by the dark when they won some battles in this part of the galaxy and took the liberty that victors often take of subjugating those living in their conquered territory. Our dark masters were skilled at genetics and re-engineered humanity to limit our consciousness, thus keeping us compliant and ‘in the dark’, a form of enslavement in which the many still live. To quantify this re-engineering, our DNA was reduced from over two thousand strands to the present level of two, a reduction of three orders of magnitude.

Because we are the densest home of sentient life and will soon Ascend, leapfrogging many  to become the first and only sentient beings living in the fifth dimension with physical bodies, we affect all of creation. The bottom line disappears and all homes for sentient beings carry much more Light and are therefore much less dense. All of the universe is lifted up by our Ascension.  In fact, there will be no similar home for the dark to rule and their options will be to shift and choose to serve the Light (as many of their fellows have done) or choose from unpleasant options where they are underlings rather than rulers.

It is true that an option will be provided to those not choosing Ascension. That is being done by bifurcation where our present earth becomes two, one a third dimensional home and the other the Ascended Earth in the fifth dimension. However, in the Divine plan, the dark no longer rules the third dimensional home. That process is underway as we speak and we shall soon see the dark lose their grip on power here on earth and be replaced by Lightworkers with abundance technologies and systems to replace those currently in place supporting the dark and their world domination. My name for these activities is grafting the New Earth timeline into the third dimension.

You know how sometimes one piece joins together two large unconnected parts. That is what this did. I now see my goal of grafting the New Earth timeline into the third dimension is progressing nicely and in good hands; and I am free to direct my full attention toward Ascension. Ascension has long been my primary interest, and this knowing frees me to leave the grafting to others, while I accept new responsibilities within Ascension.

Freedom for humanity…


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