The Global Elite

It is the day of the full moon and the energies being sent are disorienting me. I have nothing to write and as is my practice on such days; I asked my guides to choose a suitable entry from my archives. They chose The Global Elite, written December 30 2009. 

Today, we introduce a group some call the Global Elite. They number two or three million and have a huge percentage of the planet’s net worth. The number given me is eighty percent plus. Do not confuse the Cabal with the Global Elite. The Cabal is a much smaller and less diverse group who are part of the Global Elite.

About six months ago, I took the intention to focus time and attention on freeing humanity. Prior to that, I had argued that my role was to free myself and leave the freeing of humanity to others. What shifted me is unclear. Perhaps I became free enough to accept a larger role, perhaps that larger role was on hold awaiting a personal choice on my behalf, definitely; that larger role did not enter my life until I chose it.

At the time of this transition, my practice was to run through a set of personal affirmations while sungazing. In late May or early June, I began including an affirmation that has now morphed into I free humanity from exploitation, corruption and control by the World Management team, aka the Cabal, and the Global Elite.

I have kept a journal since 1994 and it is useful as a record of my spiritual journey. In many ways, journaling is like writing a blog but less disciplined and less demanding. An excerpt from my journal dated June 12, 2009 sheds light on this transition.

I do a lot of walking and for the last several weeks, a favourite method is to ‘follow my nose’. This is short form for being guided by my intuition and by the nonphysical guides who are with me always and who value free will above all else. These guides, be they angels, ascended masters, extraterrestrials, or any of a vast array of ethereal being, only give inputs when asked; and even then, it is subtle and easily bypassed or overridden.

One walk germinated with the guidance that the closest Chapter’s had a book for me to read and I ‘followed my nose’ in that general direction. I came to a well known scenic location but was twisted in my directions and did not recognize it until I reached a roadside and found downtown Calgary in an unexpected direction. My directions soon reoriented and the place was recognized. Amazing the tricks one’s mind can play.

I continued to the Chapter’s and followed my nose within the store, leading me to the bargain section, a place I had not been, and there was a book called A Game as Old as Empire.  As is my process, I checked the table of contents and randomly read a paragraph or two. Too depressing was my initial response as the book deals with world banking, especially loans to third world countries and the control exercised by the lenders when payments are not met. Then I remembered my guidance and my newest affirmation.” I am instrumental in freeing humanity from exploitation and control by the World Management Team”, and realized this was required reading.

It is slow going as anger rises within me on nearly every page and a part of me is resisting, preferring denial and ignorance, but a necessary education and internal adjustment is being made. I feel myself being prepared, both in terms of my education and in terms of an inner toughness, for that time when flesh and blood entities from this world of elitism and corruption, from this world of exploitation and control, begin to interact with me as my affirmation becomes manifest.

No wonder deep resistance is surfacing. This is a distasteful world and I could live in denial, but my choice is to live my mission, to do what I came to do and that mission goes through this world, ending its reign of exploitation and destruction.

Freedom for humanity…

Postscript – October 22, 2010

The energies of today’s full moon continue the energies targeting the removal of our current world management team, who are ruthlessly self-interested. Although this is work being led by others, I continue my pledge to do whatever is given me to do in this regard. 


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