Alison visits Melonie

We have a house guest named Alison from Ottawa. She met Tamara as her life coach and they became friends as Tamara’s spiritual development transcended their coaching relationship. When Alison has business in Calgary, she stays with us and since Tamara has a busy social life and I don’t, Alison and I have become friends. Alison was introduced to Melonie Old during the Seeker’s evening that was the subject of my blog two days ago; and immediately knew she was to book an appointment. She had a lengthy session with Melonie on Friday evening and came home bursting to tell someone, namely me since Tamara was out for the night.
I was all ears as my work often includes lending an ear to help others in their spiritual transitions. ‘For the past year, I have had this knowing that this was the year I was to die’, began Alison. How is that for getting someone’s attention? ‘Melonie told me when we hugged each other after being introduced, I had zero life force.’ All of this changes after a session with Melonie because she has the gift of updating auras. The reason for zero life force is learning all the lessons targeted by the aura we brought into this lifetime. Auras are static and do not change, so when this occurs, people transition; they die and return to the bardo where their aura is updated for their next lifetime. Melonie has the gift of updating auras without transitioning and this she did for Alison.
The notes from their two and a half hour session came out and we poured over them. My session with Melonie nearly a year and a half ago gave me unique insight into Alison’s transition. Alison was born a teacher, having learned 86% of her teacher’s lessons. Her teacher’s lessons had been learned, thus her zero life force and without an auric update, she would soon transition, soon die. Some teachers become healers and this is Alison’s path. The updated aura she got during the session is a healer’s aura with forty percent of her healer’s lessons learned, along with the guidance to nurture her new aura and leave her current teaching work behind. As a healer, people and events will be attracted to her and her days of chasing after that which she thinks she wants must end, or her life as a healer will not work as it should.
When I got my aura updated, I was at sixty percent of my teacher’s lessons, and Melonie told me I may not need another session to complete my work here on earth. Looking at Alison’s healer information, we could see I have transitioned into this category and have progressed through 80 or 90% of the healer’s lessons. I often do things backward, and had learned many of my healer’s lessons while still carrying a teacher’s aura, thus my updated teacher’s aura was suitable for life as a healer. Perhaps I am to return for another auric update and I am open to that possibility. My guides seem at present to be saying that I am to wait until the karmic clearing session scheduled for November 4th and then consider a return visit to Melonie.
Alison has twice previously made the blog, once in December when she backed away from an opportunity to walk through a spiritual portal into being a healer, and once in March when she asked my help to forgive herself. My sense is her aura would have shifted by walking through the December portal, but not necessarily as effectively as the designer aura she now has with Melonie’s help. Many people encounter a lengthy period of discombobulating after walking through such a portal as their life shifts and they drift along in a state of bliss, unable to do much more than smile and wave at the world until things slowly come back into focus. With Melonie’s work, the same process takes place, but Alison knows her role and can be a willing participant. It is also true, that Alison has done a great deal of the necessary work (things like self-forgiveness) as she completed her teacher’s lessons, thus the magnitude of the changes is considerably lessened.
All in all, this sequence of events has served Alison very well. She was not ready to walk through the portal in December and she was not ready to see Melonie until she learned all her teacher’s lessons. Now, the sky is literally the limit and personal freedom beckons. Bon voyage, Alison.
Freedom for humanity…


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