As Many Lifetimes as it Takes

These full moon energies are hitting me hard and again, I have nothing to write. My guides chose this entry from September 20, a little over a month ago.

Over the past two or three days, a realization has been dawning. The realization is about the effect of the belief system held by much of humanity that we only get one life to live. This belief was all around me in my upbringing and I accepted it as truth. The effect on me was to shorten and narrow my worldview and I chose to target success in the material world. After all, when this was my one and only lifetime, rich and famous seemed the appropriate targets. In the hope of being famous, I found things I was good at and dedicated time and effort toward being the best I could be in those things. Becoming rich was more problematic for me as chasing after money was counter to my inner nature and authority figures raised my hackles.

How did the belief that this is our one and only lifetime originate? What was the motivation for promoting this belief as truth? About fifteen thousand years ago, in an event known as the fall of Atlantis, self interested beings took control over humanity and genetically reengineered us to create limited consciousness. Limited consciousness attracts limiting beliefs and either naturally or by the design of the generic reengineers, the one and only lifetime concept became conventional wisdom. All manner of exploitation and manipulation become attractive in this scenario and overviews get shorter and shorter. Also, evidence refuting one and only lifetime became more difficult to attain. Access to the Akashic records and to past life memories and to our other worldly guides such as angels and ascended masters is much more difficult when in limited consciousness. In addition, the genetic reengineers brought disaster to the planet and the gods of mythology became gods to be feared and gods to be obeyed. Out of these beliefs and experiences grew the current major religions of the western world, then colonialism, and most recently the world banking systems. Much about today’s world supports and promotes the one and only lifetime concept.

These are educated guesses on how the falsehood of a one and only lifetime came to be conventional wisdom. Let me now take you into a realm where I am an expert, the realm of my personal experience. The realization that life is eternal and we each get as many lifetimes as it takes came upon me slowly and unannounced. There was no ‘ah ha’ moment, instead I became open to this possibility and slowly evidence accrued and in the fullness of time, my belief changed.

I can speak more authoritatively about the ways in which this belief change affected my personal reality. A major shift occurred in early 2006. An affirmation used several times each day referenced compassion and after two or three weeks, I realized that compassion was a subject I knew very little about and that compassion had not been a conscious part of my personal experience. I began writing about compassion, a way to bring it into my personal experience and found I could access humanity’s collective wisdom about compassion. In this way, it became a part of me and I began to respond to others and to the world around me in compassionate ways.

A few months later, I went to the first of several ten day meditation retreats and realized my life purpose and my sacred contract was calling me. I did not know what my life purpose was, but I knew I had one and over those ten days, a realization dawned and became compelling. If I was to live my life purpose, my mission as I then called it, I would have to surrender to Divinity. My small self, my conscious self, what some call my ego, simply did not have the overview or the required information. Near the end of that retreat I made the life changing decision to surrender all major life decisions to the Divine.

The greater good began superseded self interest in everything I did. My life began to change and two years later, I made major changes in order to fully dedicate myself to what I then called the consciousness movement. Believing my life to be eternal and believing we each get as many lifetimes as it takes has promoted this shift and supported each step along the way. That doing all this may be much too big for this lifetime is no longer an issue. I simply follow my guidance each and every moment including those times when my guidance is to make plans or set intentions; including those times when my guidance indicates, ‘We will not make this decision. This is a free will universe, what do you want?’ On these occasions, I strip away the fear and make the decision that arises out of fearlessness. By cosmic law, that decision serves the greater good, what some call the Greatest Good.

Freedom for humanity…


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