Full Moon Energies

These last two days have been lazy, stay at home days and having the freedom to do just that and nothing more was a great blessing. The full moon energies were certainly part of the adjustments and integrations that took place within me and other factors were also at work.
Before dealing with those other factors, let’s look at the energies of the full moon. The dark continue to exert heavy influence upon this planet and that influence continues to interfere with Ascension energies and with the preparations for humanity planned by the Spiritual Hierarchy. The energies of the summer solstice began to specifically target the removal of the dark’s influence in order to eliminate this interference, and each full moon since plus the eclipse in July and the fall equinox has built on this energy and ratcheted up the imbalance between the energies coming to earth and the energies the dark is holding in place. As this imbalance grows and as Human Lightworkers gain strength and numbers, the dark’s influence is getting harder and harder to maintain. My analogy is of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Once the cracks begin, a complete change will soon take place. When? This I do not know and I continue my pledge to do whatever is given me to do within this agenda. Various hints came my way that my malaise was in part related to this pledge and to these activities. Nothing unusual took place in the world of form and nothing from the ethers was made manifest within my consciousness, but work beneath the surface definitely is in progress, both within me and within our three D reality.
An internal factor was the debunking of NESARA, the concept to funds put aside by St. Germain to displace the dark. There is no such thing as NESARA, simply a fabrication by the dark to lull Lightworkers into complacency; thinking someone else will do what we must do for ourselves, namely take back our power and displace the dark. I am thankful this fictitious concept never made it into my blog but even so, a part of me was attracted and that part needed repair.
Another factor was some meditative work I undertook to work through the Sacred Geometry series with Lord Metatron. This is freely available from Richard Presser and Carolyn Evers’ wonderful website and the direct connection is http://metatronminutes.com/archangel_metatron_readings.html
The third of three parts was completed yesterday and had a huge impact on me, and although it all felt positive and on course to realizing my purpose and my mission, there was a definite slowing of my rhythms as internal connections and integrations were set in motion.
Whenever I write about my internal experiences, I feel compelled to reiterate that we are each unique and as such, no one can replicate anyone else’s experience. Nor should anyone target to do so. Trust your guidance, trust your intuition. It will lead you unerringly to those things that are meant for you and your response to those things is unique, uniquely your own.
My reason for sharing my experience is because many people experience similar experiences and reading about mine gives a comfort level and a sense of oneness. We are all unique, but we are also all one and in that oneness, we share much in terms of similarities and resonance.
One shift has already taken place. I used to judge lazy, stay at home days as a waste of my time and potential, as a detour from my path. This time, it all seemed on target and on course, simply as necessary adjustments as my progress continues toward doing what I came to do and living the life I was born to live. Awesome.
Freedom for humanity…


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