The New Me

These full moon energies and the meditative processes I engaged in during the week or so while these energies were being delivered seem to have made a shift within me. There is a new me living in this old body with my old thoughts and my old habits, yet underneath all that is a new me. What does the new me do? How does this new me affect my routines, my blog, my way of interacting with the world in which I live?
Some things are more proximate than others and one of the most proximate things in my life is my blog. Each day I target to write what is given me and post it in my blog. That is the pivot around which the rest of my life revolves. Some days I am given people and events with which to interact; and this sort of thing is getting easier and easier. I simple go with the flow and stay in touch with my intuition and with my guides, saying what is given me to say and doing what is given me to do. In that area of my life, I simply am and as long as I can show up without agendas and avoid filtering things through my mind, these interactions are what was intended and serve all involved.
Writing my blog involves no one else and in that way is extremely personal. Writing has long been a way for me to access deeper levels and to access truth, both my own and universal truth. As you know, my blog is not mainstream stuff; in fact some of it is pretty far out there without much support in today’s world and no precedence in recorded history. Publishing stuff like that takes some courage and some self discipline.
There is lots of misinformation out there, and some of it is widely believed. How do I keep this stuff out of my blog? My way of writing is to put things down on paper and a self editing feature is always active, asking two questions, ‘Does this reflect your truth?’ and ‘Is this what you are to write today?’ When the answer to both questions is yes, the next line begins. When the answer is no, the words are edited or deleted. It is common for there to be several unused lines at the end of my writing which I erase before posting. These are half truths and false starts and this does not count the stuff that was erased or reworked or the stuff that makes it into the first draft only to be cut or edited as the finished work takes shape. Some people get inspired thought streams and make little or no changes, but that is not my process. My process is an interactive process, an iterative process.
The new me felt shifted enough to check my foundations and the basis of my contributions. Am I to continue with the blog? ‘Yes.’ Am I to write today? ‘Yes.’ Okay, and so the writing begins, with many false starts and many dead ends. But as I persist and as the paragraphs are finished and new ones begin, it all makes sense and is all something to be shared. Shared with whom? I do not know. That is for them to decide. What do they take from it? I do not know. That is for them to decide.
A knowing deep inside me knows my blog will become very popular sometime in the future, but that is also not for me to decide or to anticipate. Mine is to write my truth and to write what is inspired within me and to post that writing. The rest belongs to the Universe. The rest belongs to those who choose to read and interact with what I have posted.
The new me is to continue that process of writing my blog. The new me is more discerning perhaps, more capable perhaps, more loving perhaps, but the new me is also walking the same path as the old me. The newness seems to be the plateau on which I reside, the territory to be explored. The new me and the old me are the same being and my sacred purpose, my mission has not changed.
Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to The New Me

  1. Brittany says:

    Grace guided me to this. And I love it.

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