The Dark’s Methods

Post #200
These last few days seems all about understanding the dark. The dark are small in number but large in terms of the influence they have exerted both in world affairs and in my life. When I graduated as a chemical engineer in 1971, jobs were not plentiful and my only job offer was with a mining company, not my first choice as I wanted a sustainable industry, but a job as an engineer was first and foremost. Our company was owned by the South African mining behemoth, known as Anglo-America, Anglo for short but we were a small and distant outpost in their empire and rarely saw the big bosses.
The mining industry in general and Anglo/DeBeers in particular is a stronghold of the dark, but I somehow managed to rise within the ranks all the way to General Manager using team based, bottom up methods where those who worked for me were seen as the experts in their job, and my role was to support them and facilitate their success. At the time, I believed there was no such thing as a bad person and that proved a largely self-fulfilling prophesy. My bosses during my apprentice, including the man who promoted me to general manager at the tender age of thirty eight, largely let me do my own thing and although none actively supported my methods, they did not interfere and my results spoke for themselves. As general manager, my boss’s boss was an expatriate Canadian, who rose to power working in the copper mining business in the south-western USA; let’s call him Jack.
Jack was deeply imbued in the thought patterns of the dark and used their methods naturally and unabashedly. Our operation was targeting a modernization and Jack wanted to be actively involved and bring in his people to manage not only this work, but effectively take over the management of the entire operation. My boss became little more than a figurehead and took early retirement soon after, but not before he did Jack’s bidding by bringing in Jack’s henchmen to key management roles, and hiring time and motion consultants to chop jobs.
I got some firsthand experience dealing with dark methods. For a year of two, Jack stayed in the background, apparently busy with the rest of his empire, mostly in the US, but his unseen hand was busily at work, requiring my boss to hire cut throat consultants and bring his people into key management roles. Unwittingly, I played the highly visible role of managing the consultant’s activities. They were experienced in this work and their key person on site had the responsibility of shielding me from complaints and massaging my ego to continue this work. It was all about the numbers and they chopped jobs everywhere they went. I bought into the overview that we had to get leaner and did my best to support their work. In so doing, I forfeited any chance of bringing my preferred methods into play.
Once this distasteful work was done, the consultants were dismissed and I was no longer needed. I was not one of Jack’s people, just a pawn who took the public relations hit for hiring this brutal consultant and was now a lame duck with all the important work reporting to Jack’s imported new hires.
What happened to me has happened to many, many others, all part of the dark’s methods. Visible and well known people play roles to set the stage and are then tarred with the brush not of their choosing as the dark masters take control and bring in their pre-planned solutions to clean up the mess. David Icke calls this problem-reaction-solution. Create the problem by bringing in ruthless and brutal consultants, who always evoke reactions of bitterness and betrayal; then the solution is Jack and his hired guns.
The shoe is now on the other foot. It is time to take back our power.
Freedom for humanity…


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