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Malevolent Competency

I still remember my first conversation with people who believed the world is run by the dark few. It was only four years ago, and I was well into my awakening; but it still seemed surreal, like what these people … Continue reading

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Surrender and Disease

Sometime in the nineties, I discovered an ability to avoid getting a cold. At first it was not foolproof, sometimes working and sometimes not, but as I gained insight and pieced things together, colds were no longer part of my … Continue reading

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Mission-Life Purpose

I have volunteered for two projects of the Light in the last six months or so and I wait patiently, or at least as patiently as I can manage, for the call to come. Quite naturally, there are connections between … Continue reading

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Earth’s Dark is under Siege

Post 220 The earth’s dark few now stand alone, without support from off-world allies and without support in the world of spirit/consciousness. Thus far, the earth’s dark has chosen to continue their campaign to enslave humanity and rule earth for … Continue reading

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Kennedy is Killed

It is the day after the forty seventh anniversary of JFK’s assassination and nothing has been given me to write. In April I wrote about the impact Kennedy’s death had on me all those years ago. Those responsible for Kennedy’s … Continue reading

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Ascension Summary

A summary about the Divine process of Ascension has two major parts since only a portion of humanity will be Ascending, honouring the free will of each individual. The choice essentially revolves around self interest versus the greater good; and … Continue reading

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The Dark is Cleared

For many months, I have been reporting that the Earth’s dark now stand alone without off-world support. In one way of looking at the universe, this was true as those civilizations targeting conquest and subjugation had realigned themselves with the … Continue reading

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