Unhappy Times

The karma from my misadventures as general manager of a mining operation employing over a thousand people in the late 1980’s continues to surface and be cleared from my system. This morning, I am piecing together the chronology of these events, easily the unhappiest time of my life.
It went something like this. I was offered the general manager’s position in the fall of 1986 and gladly accepted. Early the next year, my marriage ended and we separated. I moved into other accommodations until the school year ended and my wife and four children moved back to Saskatoon, her home town. The next year and a half is a bit of blur. That fall, I met and fell in love with a fellow bridge player who accepted my invitation to come live with me and we married a year or so later.
At work, my overtures to bring in a consultant targeting grass roots change went nowhere and my previously successful methods were slow going with the huge flywheel of a unionized workforce and years of top-down tradition. A change of the magnitude I was targeting would have required high level management support, at least one level and perhaps two levels above me; because changing to my methods results in a period of confusion and a downturn of profitability that has to be weathered. As it was, metal prices were at depressed levels and although my boss tolerated my progressive ideas, his boss favoured methods of fear and force. Thus my window of opportunity passed without major gains for my continuing stewardship.
Our union contract expired sometime in 1988 and I was part of the management team renegotiating a new contract which narrowly, but successfully concluded in a new three year deal. The time and motion consultants targeting workforce reductions began early in the next year (1989) and lasted into the summer and my destiny was no longer in my hands. My boss’s successor was brought in soon after the workforce reductions were complete, timing I now recognize to be no accident and by January of the next year (1990), I had been shuffled aside into some nice sounding but meaningless role with the title of Vice President, and nothing of importance and no one reporting to me. My stint as general manager lasted a little over three years and saw the end of my influence and a complete changing of the guard with the new management team using methods I could not support, methods often used by the dark.
I attended a course that summer (1990) in Calgary where I accepted this new reality and took responsibility to get out of town into a management position where I could use my preferred methods. Within a few months, such an opportunity was given me as the leader of a small subsidiary in the Toronto area. I took that opportunity and began a renaissance in my career and more importantly, a new found focus on taking my life in a direction of my own choosing.
These last few days have seen a complete review of this unhappy time, a reframing of these events in view of my current spiritual understandings; and a clearing of the karma created over twenty years ago when I resisted these events and held others responsible for my unhappiness. My recovery began at that course in Calgary and my choice to take responsibility for making my life work. Never again did I look at myself as the victim in any situation; instead all events became opportunities to learn and my personal freedom was something worth fighting for, something I no longer allowed others to take from me.
Forgiveness did not come into my life until about five years later, so these events carried karma, lots of it. This process of reliving and reframing this unhappy time has cleared the bulk of that karma, and only residuals remain to be cleared by the karma clearing command scheduled to be given me in four days time.
I took back my power through my choices to take responsibility and to treat my free will as one of my highest values. Humanity’s collective free will remains given away to the dark. The process of taking it back is underway and the time is not far off where the Light will control humanity’s overall direction, ending the dark’s illusion and their long march toward doom and destruction; and blazing a well Lighted path toward freedom for all.
Freedom for humanity…


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