Balance and Cycles

When it comes to understanding the universe, our scientific community still has much to learn and much better information is available from the mystics and from channelled information from more advanced civilizations. When it comes to channelled information, one must be discerning since the dark has worked very hard and with some success to interfere with people who have such a gift, to distort the information that comes forth and to create their own falsified ‘channelled’ information.
A link was given me recently that was very helpful in terms of understanding black holes and the relationship between the black hole at the centre of our galaxy and the coming process of Ascension. Here is some of what I took from that information.
A major force not yet understood by our scientists is balance and counterbalance of energies. Black holes are more than gravitational behemoths; they play a major role in terms of balance and counterbalance. Black holes birth two galaxies, one on either side. We don’t have good words for this as yet, so let’s call them mirror images; and all major structures in our galaxy has a mirror image on the other side of the black hole at galactic centre. Our mirror image earth is far more advanced than the Earth on which we live, as are the humans who live there and make it their home. Because of this, our Earth is going to benefit greatly and make incredible advances during the coming Ascension as our mirror image will ‘pull’ us along into more advanced spiritual states. Souls are created in pairs and the thought occurred to me that the other half of my pair might be living on this mirror image earth and I got very strong confirmation that this is so. Part of my intuitive knowing is that we will be reunited after Ascension and it is comforting to have this information.
Ascension is created by the ending of many cycles, which of course is the beginning of new cycles. The Mayan’s understood the cycles up to about the fifty or sixty thousand year level and these are all encoded within their famous calendar. There are even longer cycles and one that has a pronounced affect on Ascension is the cycle of the Eye of Isis which is a little over two hundred thousand years in length. This cycle is also fully aligned with Earth around the winter solstice of 2012 and plays a very positive role by sculpting the direct energies coming from Source, from Cosmic Centre; something that happens on its own even longer cycle and always has profound influences on our planet. In the past, direct energies from Source have been cataclysmic, like the disappearance of the dinosaurs, but because the cycle of the eye of Isis is also ending, the effects will be tempered and sculpted for the benefit of humanity.
The Eye of Isis has long played a creative role in humanity’s development, always love based, always balancing the energies of the masculine and the feminine. For the last twelve thousand years, the dark has held sway and the dark are in direct conflict with this balancing power, seeking to make the male energies dominant. I have a great affinity for these balancing energies and have been shown several lifetimes dedicated to bringing back this balance, each ended prematurely by violent interventions from dark agents.
The Earth’s dark continues to maintain an unhealthy and destructive imbalance in these energies but in the bigger picture, much has shifted. The Eye of Isis already has emissaries in our realm and various spiritual and extraterrestrial supporters of balance, supporters of the Light, are in our air space and in the ethers surrounding this beautiful although beleaguered Planet. Lightworkers are in the process of taking back their power on their own behalf and on behalf of humanity. These are beautiful and beneficial changes and the time is not far off when we shall see the Earth’s Lightworkers prevail and the dark’s illusion will disappear with the dark’s systems soon to follow into oblivion. Thus we usher in a new love based era, thus we usher in humanity’s freedom.
Freedom for humanity…


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