Learning through Pleasure

Having cleared the karma from my latest and hopefully last losing battle with the dark, one that took place about two decades ago, I would like to reframe that entire experience.
At the time, I was not spiritually aware and did not have many of the tools that serve me today. At the time, I was living in scarcity. How would an abundance mentality and my new tools affect that same experience taking place now? I have worked with NLP and one way of approaching past trauma is to rerun the experience using acquired skills and to see how it all works out.
The driving force for all these interactions was a man I will call Jack. That was not his real name, and I choose not to use his real name. Jack and I did not get along and all the skills I have acquired in the past two decades would not change that one little bit. Jack sees the world from an elitist’s perspective and is dedicated to having things done his way. His way is the use of fear and the use of force and his brand of integrity is to methods of fear and force. The most success I had with Jack was while running a small subsidiary half a continent removed from Jack. He was a busy man, as this type inevitably are, and offered to leave me alone as long my business was profitable. I offered my hand to seal the deal and he left me alone for two years, as the business turned a tidy profit.
Nothing I have learned would have any impact on my relationship to Jack. We see the world very differently and respect for his free will would change nothing, especially when I was standing between him and his goal of managing my part of the operation. Over the last few days, I have been shown Jack as an agent of the dark. As such, I can hardly play Jack’s game and there seems no way to convince or compel Jack to play mine. Best I can do is refuse to work with the consultants of Jack’s choosing and let the chips fall where they may. So let’s do that.
Okay, that means I tell my boss whom we will call Neil, ‘Sorry, Neil, I cannot support the use of these consultants. They are going to create too much negative karma here on our property. I think I can get the same results, perhaps not as quickly, but more sustainably so let’s hire a different brand of consultant.’ Had this hurdle been successfully negotiated, others would surely have appeared and it seems I was in a battle I could not win, because Jack was the guy with all the power and he saw the world very differently from the way I do. Best I could do, even given my current skill set, was set my line in the sand and force them to choose. Jack would have had no trouble doing so, but the pain would have been far less and no karma would have accumulated.
With today’s skills and the learning I have done since all this took place, I would do the best possible deal for parting and let spirit guide my path, almost certainly out of this single industry town and perhaps out of industry all together. Somehow a livelihood would have been provided and a pathway to doing what I was born to do would have been found. None of that looks difficult or painful, given what I now know and my experience since surrendering to Divinity.
Then again, I had a lot of learning to do and this experience was motivation. Getting from there to here without stepping on a land mine may not have been possible. Let’s take the rosiest of all outcomes where I succeed in changing the culture of that mining company. I guess I can still be in my present space of full dedication to helping humanity to Ascend. Just a different way of getting there, learning through pleasure rather than through pain. From abundance and from surrender, that is what I do.
Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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