Cherubim Angels

The karma clearing call of yesterday was more than karma clearing. The call went for nearly two hours and the karma clearing commands were less than ten minutes of that total. A great deal of information was shared and today’s blog deals with that information and how it relates to Ascension.
Some cosmology seems unavoidable. When Source began creation, now expanded to the known universe and perhaps much further, angelic beings were among the first created. First came the seraphim angels and next came the cherubim angels. Both have been actively involved with planet Earth and humanity, participating in the design and execution of this great experiment, which targets an extension of the angelic kingdom to include a species of angels with physical bodies. That is what we will become through Ascension.
The experiment came to physicality about two hundred thousand years ago and progressed nicely until it hit a major snag that we know as the fall of Atlantis between twelve thousand and thirteen thousand years ago. The dark had entered the picture and battles to control humanity’s timeline ensued. Humanity lost a great deal of their capability as the dark gained control and genetically reengineered humanity, leading to semi consciousness and forgetting our connections to the spirit world.
Before the fall of Atlantis, humanity was fully conscious and progressing toward an orderly Ascension in 2012. Had the dark not taken us on this twelve thousand year detour, we could have cleared our karma periodically (as was the case in Atlantis) and Ascension would have been an orderly step by step affair.
The dark was not and is not targeting a detour; the dark is targeting an entirely different destination. The dark wants to take humanity into slavery and create on Earth two classes of people; the dark as the masters and the rest of humanity as their slaves. Many battles were fought along the way in attempts to end the dark’s game plan, but each time, the dark and their off world master’s prevailed and humanity’s slavery got more deeply imbued.
One well known (although badly misrepresented) such battle was the life of Jesus. This was a major and well planned intervention and many cherubim angels were involved. Both angelic species have the ability to incarnate as human beings and when major attempts to bring the earth experiment back on track are planned, these angels, especially the cherubim incarnate in great numbers to prepare the way and support the attempt.
The life of Jesus achieved many of its objectives but was derailed by the dark. Jesus was crucified (although not killed) and his followers were persecuted; leaving the dark firmly in control. The religion that sprang up to follow Jesus’ teachings was commandeered by the dark and they used their usual methods of deceit, killing and brutality to stamp out the incarnate angels and true followers of Jesus’ teachings. The deceit was institutionalized by Emperor Constantine’s adoption of Christianity as the official state religion and closing the Bible to exclude many of Jesus’ true teachings. Killing and brutality took many forms, some of the best known are the witch hunts, the extermination of the Cathar’s, and the inquision in Spain and elsewhere.
Once again, a major intervention is underway and thousands of cherubim angels are incarnate in our present day populations. That intervention will culminate in Ascension. Same destination, same timing, just a different route. The dark continues their campaign to derail Ascension, but the dark cannot win this battle. The cherubim and like minded beings, both off world and incarnate shall prevail and we shall soon see beautiful and beneficial change all around us and the end of the dark’s long reign of deceit, brutality and murder.
Freedom for humanity…


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