King Arthur

King Arthur was the guest on Carolyn Evers’ radio show this week. I don’t tune in live, but always listen to the recordings and I was certainly not going to miss King Arthur. I have always felt an affinity for his life and times and based on recent information given me, I was involved in some way although nothing specific has been shown to me.
The Light has made several attempts to end the dark’s power and influence and King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table was one of those attempts. Full scale attempts are spaced about four hundred years apart and King Arthur’s attempt was about four hundred years after Jesus. By then, Christianity was firmly under the dark’s control and the attempt ended when King Arthur and his Knights lost a battle against dark forces. King Arthur was killed in this battle, and the dark once again thwarted an attempt to bring Light into the world. Some of the legend is truth and some of the legend has been falsified by the dark, something they are very practiced at doing. Two dark fabrications were debunked during the program, one being the legend of King Arthur’s conception under shady circumstances and the other being Lancelot’s infidelity with Queen Guinevere. In truth, Arthur was born to parents without social standing, peasants in fact; and the infidelity story is a pure fabrication of the dark.
Cherubim angels incarnate in great numbers (twenty thousand was the number given) for any full scale attempt to overthrow the dark, and many of those who called in to the show are Cherubim angels who incarnated to support King Arthur and are once again incarnate to support the present day attempt. It is important to understand that none of these people knew themselves to be angels. They were simply honouring an inner prompting to call in and following an intuitive sense of connection to King Arthur’s life and times. Angels are no better than anyone else and face the same kind of choices and the same amnesia in terms or who they are and why they are here. All humans have great power, we have just forgotten.
The dark has ruled for twelve thousand years and assuming attempts were made every four hundred years, that makes about thirty such attempts, all somehow thwarted by the dark. This present day attempt has a lot more going for it. The dark’s off world support is now supporting the Light, a major change made about fifteen years ago, so the Earth’s dark now stand alone. At least as important is the fact that the era of the dark ends with the winter solstice of 2012. The new ear dawning is an era of Light and is supported by the entire Spiritual Hierarchy up to and including Source. The dark cannot win this one, something confirmed by King Arthur.
Merlin was a central figure in King Arthur’s attempt. Merlin lived nearly eight hundred years having mastered rejuvenation and was very experienced by the time of Arthur’s birth. Merlin knew who Arthur was and took Arthur under his wing, teaching him what he needed to know to become king and helping him during Arthur’s reign.
Camelot was a real place and the Round Table was the shape actually employed. King Arthur explained that he believed then, as he does now, that we are all intrinsically equal; thus a table where all have equal status. That does not mean that some lead and some follow, because they do; but it does mean that every person, angel or not, is intrinsically the equal of any other. Many innovative ideas came from King Arthur’s people as Arthur walked his talk. I feel great affinity for this way of thinking and used it as the foundation of my business success and now use it in all aspects of my life. We each have different roles, but we are all equal.
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