Clearing Someone Else’s Karma

A friend of mine, Steve, a gifted healer, is very dedicated to his mission and his spiritual development. Recently, Steve took a very sharp detour, meeting a woman and leaving his path, spending time drinking and smoking pot, feeling all kinds of negative emotions and generally unavailable to all who wanted to help him get back on track. I know the pattern of someone on a detour, having taken one myself a couple of years ago and after putting out my invitation to help, I left well enough alone, allowing my friend the time and space he needed to come around.
Last night Steve called. An angel of mercy had intervened the day before and he was back on track, ending his debilitating relationship and his journey into the darkness. The real Steve was back and preparing to man a booth he purchased at a holistic show this weekend. He wanted my feedback on a variety of things, one is a growing sense that he is not currently doing what he came to do; that he is to leave healing and do something else.
I asked permission to give him what I was getting in this regard which he welcomed. ‘You are a healer, that is what you came to do; but that does not mean you are currently doing what you came to do. Doing something other than what I came to do was my experience when we worked together and the reason I left healing at that time. I am returning to healing, it is part of my mission and is certainly part of yours.’
When asked what I was currently up to, I could only share that my karma had been cleared and I was living life without karma. We have often talked about this as a desired state but agreed that further information would best wait until Steve is firmly back on track and the holistic show is over.
It seems undeniable that karma influenced Steve and his detour and all of this brought forward an inner desire to perform the karma clearing commands on Steve. He is a walk-in and carries a lot of karma in his body that the original owner accumulated. Walk-ins inherit all the karma from previous lives of the original owner and clearing this karma is compounded by its sometimes unfamiliar nature. Another walk-in I know had a lifetime as an inquisitor in the Inquisition, inflicting gross torture and eventually death on many victims. Talk about karma. Only now does it occur to me that this was an inherited lifetime, one owned by her body, not by her soul; but karma is karma and she forgave herself, thus transmuting that karma.
There we left it, and Steve will call back when ready and we can then see if he wants to proceed.
Richard Presser, who facilitated my karmic clearing session, informed me that most of those who have received the karmic clearing command do not yet have the ability to do karmic clearing with others. This came up after I asked Lord Metatron if I could now do karmic clearing and he answered, ‘Yes, if you so choose.’ With that permission and with the support of my guides, I will proceed with the intention to ask Steve for permission to do karmic clearing on him and proceed in accordance with the Universe’s intention.
Meanwhile, I did my homework by listening to the tape of my karmic clearing call and making notes from the point of view of performing karmic clearing on another. I am ready and we shall see what we shall see.
Freedom for humanity…
Note: Since writing this I have helped a number of people clear their karma, including Steve. Clearing one’s karma is becoming increasingly easy to do and requires no commands. It is now essentially a matter of willingness as everyone is able. See January 12, 2012 for more details.


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2 Responses to Clearing Someone Else’s Karma

  1. kieran says:

    Hi my name is kieran deasy. im from Ireland. I am looking for someone to help me clear my karma. Would you please help me?

    • Of course, Kieran. I will start a direct e-mail converation and give you the help you are requesting. As I wrote in my January 12 blog called Clearing Karma, this is no longer a particularily difficult undertaking, as long as you are willing to take back your power and forgive yourself and others. I can assist you and point the way, but it is you who has to do the work.

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