The Dark is Cleared

For many months, I have been reporting that the Earth’s dark now stand alone without off-world support. In one way of looking at the universe, this was true as those civilizations targeting conquest and subjugation had realigned themselves with the Light’s agenda, leaving the Earth’s dark without off-world masters.
At another level, the level of consciousness, this information was far from true. At the level of consciousness, a pervasive dark force remained. This force has been very influential in the lower levels of consciousness and especially so on Earth. David Icke calls this consciousness the Prison Warder consciousness. As I understand it, this consciousness was created long ago before life as we know it came to be and all or part of this consciousness went rouge, chose to do things that Divinity advised against. As the universe evolved, this consciousness became more and more limited since civilizations progress beyond the level where this consciousness can remain influential. This consciousness was used by our former dark off-world masters and remained influential here on Earth ever after our former off-world masters adopted the Light’s agenda and advised the Earth’s dark to follow suit. At that point in time, about fifteen years ago, the Earth became the last remaining bastion of influence for this dark consciousness. There may well be inaccuracies in this, but it gives a general overview that I believe to be accurate.
Like all of us, this consciousness could choose to return to the Light’s agenda, but some or all chose to continue their dark agenda here on Earth which sets them up in opposition to many of the activities leading to Ascension. This consciousness was undoubtedly aware of the alternative being provided for those who do not choose Ascension and presumably targeted to remain influential in that alternative, or even prevent Ascension altogether. Grafting the New Earth timeline into the third dimension was my way of expressing the hope that those who do not choose Ascension will throw off the yoke of this oppressive consciousness and take back their power from those among us who do the bidding of this dark consciousness. All of this became academic a few months ago when Source chose to eliminate this consciousness, and this work was then undertaken by human representatives.
On Monday, the Sun made the announcement that this work was complete and the dark has been cleared. The announcement goes on to say that the Earth’s dark remain and will no doubt continue their efforts aimed at the subjugation of humanity, but the driving force behind this warped way of thinking no longer exists. My inaccurate statement that the Earth’s dark now stands alone is now completely accurate. The Earth’s dark now stands alone.
I am on Twitter under the name ascend08 and a recent tweet caught my attention: Who told you we are living in tough times and why do you believe them?
The dark would like us to believe this, because fear and worry serves their agenda; but in truth we are living in the best of times and beautiful and beneficial change is coming to all of humanity. To those bought deeply into the dark’s illusion this may appear to be tough times and they may well resist the changes, but for those with an open mind and those who see beyond, this is a joyous time; this is a time of great rejoicing.
Freedom for humanity…

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