Ascension Summary

A summary about the Divine process of Ascension has two major parts since only a portion of humanity will be Ascending, honouring the free will of each individual. The choice essentially revolves around self interest versus the greater good; and Ascension is all about the greater good.
We are all together until the winter solstice of 2012, the end of the current era. At that time, a major influx of cosmic energies will envelop the Earth and those who have not chosen Ascension and have not prepared will be taken to the third dimensional alternative. Those choosing Ascension will enter a three month preparatory phase and Ascend, along with Earth and our entire solar system, into the fifth dimension. Ascension itself will take place at the spring equinox of 2013. Now that will be a spring to remember.
The timeline for those remaining in the third dimension will be sorted out between now and the winter solstice of 2012. In mid November 2010, the dark consciousness supporting the Earth’s dark few was cleared, and we entered turbulent times that will see beautiful and beneficial change come to all of humanity. In these changes, the few are removed from power, their many misdeeds are disclosed, their corrupt systems are replaced, all wars are ended, long repressed abundance technologies are shared equitably, humanity’s many off world supporters are revealed and third dimensional Earth becomes a stepping stone to higher dimensions. During this time, the planet itself is transformed as it too prepares for Ascension; so expect a lot of turbulence. Many of those who have not chosen Ascension will die during this time, taking an early exit, but those choosing Ascension will be protected. It should be noted that for many, this will not be a conscious choice, instead it will be a choice made by your heart and your soul, a choice you are not currently aware of making.
Let’s now deal with those wanting to Ascend. Three actions are necessary. First is to accept that we are created beings and to acknowledge our Creator. Next is to clear our karma since karma cannot travel between dimensions and therefore, karma created in the third dimension must be cleared in the third dimension. The third is to rejuvenate our physical bodies since our current bodies cannot accept the energies of Ascension, so those without rejuvenated bodies will default into the third dimensional alternative.
Commands for karmic clearing and rejuvenation are being provided and will be given to all who so choose. My choice is to become actively involved in this activity and along with many others, these commands will spread throughout all of humanity and all who choose Ascension will have access to them before the winter solstice of 2012.
Rejuvenation will be a very visible phenomena as we each get to choose the physical age of our rejuvenated bodies and for some, this will result in very noticeable differences. These changes are more than skin deep and this will also be noticed. Each rejuvenated person will be like a walking advertisement for Ascension.
What can you do? Acknowledging our Creator is something anyone can do and many already have. If you think you need help, there are many among us who can help you to do that. As for karmic clearing and rejuvenation, simply take the intention of attracting these into your life and follow your intuitive guidance to do just that.
Freedom for humanity…

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