Kennedy is Killed

It is the day after the forty seventh anniversary of JFK’s assassination and nothing has been given me to write. In April I wrote about the impact Kennedy’s death had on me all those years ago. Those responsible for Kennedy’s death may never be brought to justice, but the time is not far off when that way of thinking will be deposed, never to return. Kennedy helped us get to this point and I know he is rejoicing in the Light now flooding our world.

I was in grade ten in a small town in north-western Saskatchewan when President Kennedy was killed. The school principal gathered everyone together and had us watch TV coverage of the event for an hour or two before giving everyone the rest of the day off.
Something died within me on that day, or at least went into hibernation as I ‘knew’ the world had shifted and agendas that interested me, that stirred the passion within me, had been derailed in that moment and would have to wait a good long time before once again seeing the light of day.
None of this reached the level of consciousness but at the level of my soul, I knew the love generation of the sixties, the flower children, and the ‘make love not war’ slogans were doomed. All of this would be trampled and destroyed because there was no champion that could stand against the forces of corruption, of exploitation and of hatred that created Kennedy’s death and rushed into the vacuum of his departure.
There was a tremendous sense of unfairness about it all. How was it that people like Kennedy with their agendas of fairness and peace and support for human rights were murdered and no one of like mind filled the space? No one of like mind stepped into the vacuum thus created. How was it that murder of this champion created no backlash, created no groundswell movement to continue the slain man’s agenda?
The unfairness was doubly so, since agendas of fairness and peace and support of human rights could not do likewise. We could hardly go out and kill the proponents of corruption, exploitation and hatred. That would be incongruent. We could not use this tool of murder that they used seemingly so effectively because its use would make us one of them. It seemed so unfair and my anger was channelled into rebellion. Not the rebellion of activism or protest, because I knew these agendas would be trampled and humiliated. I did not want to give these dark forces that satisfaction, so I chose the rebellion of a cynic, of playing the game without shifting internally, without selling out. I would become successful by the terms and measures of this world and then use that success to make the changes I value, to shift the world more to my way of thinking.
To do that, I had to trick the powers that be. I had to play the game but not become part of it. This I did with some success. I got my engineering degree. I rose to positions of power and authority in the workplace, to positions of management and as an executive. All of this without selling out. All of this while maintaining my agenda of human rights, fairness and equality. Deep down, my intention was to create a successful microcosm, a successful company using these principles and then use that microcosm, use that company to change the world.
In the early nineties, all this shifted. I gave my soul the authority to run my life. My soul took me away from the workplace, away from corporations and companies. My soul focused me internally. ‘Look inside, that is the place to begin’, opined my soul. ‘Clean up all that you find there. Become all that you are, all that your Creator made. That is the successful microcosm that can change the world. Do not use a company or any other external vehicle. Use yourself. That is how you change the world.’
Join me. Become all you are and all that your Creator made, and we will change the world.
Freedom for humanity…

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