Earth’s Dark is under Siege

Post 220
The earth’s dark few now stand alone, without support from off-world allies and without support in the world of spirit/consciousness. Thus far, the earth’s dark has chosen to continue their campaign to enslave humanity and rule earth for the benefit of their kind; and there has been no indication of a change of heart, in this case a currently very dark heart that ruthlessly eliminates those who stand against them, creates wars for their own benefit, creates economic slavery through corrupt banking systems, supports corrupt governments and topples governments with integrity, controls the mainstream media and dictates what the public is told, forces an unnecessary oil based world energy system; and generally exploits all of humanity and earth’s resources.
Like the entire off-world civilizations that abandoned conquest and subjugation in the mid 1990’s, the earth’s dark have the option of surrendering and becoming in their own way supporters of the Light and the Light’s agenda of personal sovereignty and abundance for all. That window of opportunity remains open but is closing quickly. If the earth’s dark continue to treat this as an option of last resort, it will be taken from them and their fate is then very dark indeed.
The earth’s dark is currently under siege on a variety of fronts. Information on their various misdeeds is beginning to trickle into the mainstream media and has become a veritable flood on the internet. More and more people are seeing through the dark’s illusion and the veils of semi-consciousness get thinner daily. Our off-world supporters are backing negotiations by human Lightworkers for the dark’s surrender and these same supporters are preventing the earth’s dark from using explosives to create the kind of fear and hysteria in the general public that they have so often exploited in the past. On the spiritual/consciousness front, the dark consciousness that supported the dark’s warped way of thinking was cleared recently and no longer exists anywhere in the created universe.
There are many good reasons for wanting the dark to be deposed and for me, the most compelling is Ascension. The dark have long known about Ascension for although they go to great lengths to keep information about Ascension out of the media and create misinformation to discredit Ascension, they are much more informed than the general public and recognize Ascension as a huge treat to their plans and objectives. Their domination depends on keeping humanity in a state of semi-consciousness because those who regain full consciousness can no longer be controlled and enslaved. In the past, such people were eliminated, often brutally and there is much evidence of this throughout history; as examples, the witch hunts, the Inquisition, and the European conquest of the Americas. Attempts to keep humanity in semi-consciousness continue through our media, and through the western world’s military-industrial complex.
Ascension itself does not depend on the elimination of the dark, but because they are tampering with progress toward Ascension and blocking information necessary for informed free will choices, the dark and all they stand for will soon be gone. The influx of energies that leads to Ascension envelops earth at the winter solstice of 2012. This timing cannot be changed and because the dark is choosing to stand in the way of preparations, their power will soon be gone.
An era of great light is coming and coming soon. Only twenty five months from now the new era dawns and it is a golden era, full of Light, full of Love, full of Life.
Be a part of the shift and enjoy the turbulence as this beautiful and beneficial change takes form.
Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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