Mission-Life Purpose

I have volunteered for two projects of the Light in the last six months or so and I wait patiently, or at least as patiently as I can manage, for the call to come. Quite naturally, there are connections between the two and progress in one will inevitably result in progress in the other. Let’s name these projects and go from there. In June, I volunteered to do whatever was given me in terms of ending the dark’s power here on earth. In October, I volunteered to play my role in bringing the healing commands of karmic clearing and rejuvenation to all of humanity.
Before incarnating, my soul planned this lifetime and that plan included, perhaps was, a mission or life purpose. That mission has faintly but persistently called to me all of my life and as the time for my mission neared, that call expressed itself in various ways. I did not get to the point of physical sickness before I honoured this call, but that was not far off when in 2004, I got serious about my spiritual development. When I took a three month detour in 2008, I attracted prostate cancer into my energy field. By returning to my mission, that was cured and since it was not yet anchored in my physical body, the clearing was a simple and painless matter. These experiences cause me to look differently at sickness in others. To me, sickness is often a wakeup call from one’s soul, saying, ‘Hey, you came to live your mission and you are not doing that. Wake up.’ Our medical system neither acknowledges nor honours this spiritual truth and those afflicted often die without looking inward and asking, ‘What is this illness teaching me? What is the underlying message?’
Two cautions seem appropriate. Sick people are often not open to this kind of information, preferring to remain the victim which is encouraged by our medical community. There are also those who have completed what they came to do and are using sickness as a way of returning to the bardo where they can plan a new lifetime and create a new life purpose. Of interest, one of my friends has the ability to help others create a new life purpose as they live. She invokes their guides and in a single session re-creates their aura for continuing their soul journey within their present physical body with a new mission. This is definitely a skill that will be more and more widely available after Ascension as ageless bodies will frequently outgrow their mission and a new mission will be required.
Anyway, back to my mission. Even when volunteering for ending the dark’s power, I knew this was not directly related to my mission. My mission is related to Ascension and I volunteered for ending the dark’s power because I could not see how people could make informed free will choices about Ascension as long as the dark remained in power. It was a case of, ‘okay, this is necessary work and I’ll do it if no one else wants to do it.’ That is exactly how my guides and Divinity understood my hand in the air and very little has come my way. This work is being done by others.
Volunteering to bring the karma clearing and rejuvenation commands to all of humanity is directly related to my mission, in fact many spirit world communications are saying that is exactly what I came to do, that is exactly my mission. As such, my guides are opening doors and this work is becoming more and more central to my life and times. Already, I have been given the karma clearing command and had to be restrained from prematurely offering it to others. The rejuvenation command has not yet been made available but that time is not far off and when the call comes, I will step forward.
One of the skills available in the Ascended world is to test drive choices to see how they feel and how they work out. I have done this with rejuvenation and can see lots of possibilities, let’s call them opportunities to make contributions to ending the dark’s power from within a rejuvenated body. Now those are opportunities I would welcome.
Freedom for humanity…

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