Surrender and Disease

Sometime in the nineties, I discovered an ability to avoid getting a cold. At first it was not foolproof, sometimes working and sometimes not, but as I gained insight and pieced things together, colds were no longer part of my experience. Flues followed as I found the same principles applied and flues were no longer part of my experience. The process works like this. Like many others, I notice signs of a cold or a flue coming on. At that point, I find some time and go into a meditative state where I surrender the disease back to Divinity. Fighting the disease does not work and in the early days, I would succeed when I was too busy to have a cold, because I would ask for help, but fail when I was on holidays, because I would stand alone, too proud or undeserving to ask for help. In those early days, Divinity was not even a part of my conscious thinking.
My process of surrender follows the same principles. I get quiet and go into a meditative state where I am in touch with Divinity and simply surrender whatever I am attached to back to Divinity. In so doing, I honour the cosmic truth that nothing belongs to me; everything, every thought, every emotion belongs to Divinity and is simply flowing through me. Through surrender, this truth is remembered and whatever I am attached to is no longer mine. In the case of colds and flues, once the attachment is gone, my natural state of perfect health returns and the disease no longer has a hold on me. In the case of possessions, ideas, or emotions, once the attachment is gone they can either be returned or taken from me. The act of surrender accepts the possibility of them being taken from me and sometimes that is what happens. In these cases they do not serve me and do not serve my mission and when the attachment is to another person, the relationship does not serve them either. On those occasions when what I surrendered is returned to me, it is returned without the attachment; in other words, it is no longer mine, simply something that serves all of us in that moment in time.
Last night, I got to add another disease to this process. Just before retiring, I noticed my hands and wrists were extremely itchy, but sleep called and I simply went to bed at my normal time and ignored the itch while going to sleep. I woke in the wee hours with the itch spread to other parts of my body and too strong to ignore. I began to ask my body and my guides to help me understand this unique experience and was guided to get up and meditate. I did so without any definitive answers coming. After a short time, less than thirty minutes, I went back to bed and experienced a release very similar to surrender where my whole body does an involuntary shudder. This was repeated two or three times and the itching became background sensation, easily tolerable.
When I woke this morning and went to the washroom, I noticed a faint rash all over my legs and on parts of my upper body. My nose is a little runny and a background itch persists in my hands and wrists, but my deep knowing is that I am already in the recovery phase, having bypassed the normal course of this disease by the process of surrendering it back to Divinity.
I am deeply grateful.
Freedom for humanity…

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