Malevolent Competency

I still remember my first conversation with people who believed the world is run by the dark few. It was only four years ago, and I was well into my awakening; but it still seemed surreal, like what these people are saying cannot be true. Still, I respected the people and resolved to suspend judgement and listen with the intention of understanding what they were saying. I was very experienced with listening to understand, knowing I could form my own opinions when all was said and done.
Until that experience, my opinion was that such a giant conspiracy was not possible. Why? Because someone, in fact plenty of someone’s would know about it and speak the truth and the conspiracy would be found out; therefore, such a conspiracy must be a figment of someone’s overactive imagination. I knew there were plenty of lies out there, I knew that JFK and others were killed to prevent positive change; but accepting that a dark few ruled the world was definitely beyond my threshold. You see, I believed that deep down we are all just like me, fundamentally good. Yes, people lose their way and do bad things, even a series of bad things or a life time of bad things, but the ‘guiding hand’ must belong to those wanting to do good because we were such a huge majority.
I was a firm believer in incompetence and used the theory of incompetence to explain things like the Vietnam War, the war on drugs, the war on terror, etc. I knew 9/11 was used and abused by the corrupt Bush administration, but I bought into the official story of a terrorist act and of airplane damage causing the tower’s collapse. After all, I had seen both towers fall with my own eyes and accepted a so called expert’s prognosis that they could not remain standing after the damage done them by the jets.
I knew the Iraqi war was about oil and when I read an account of the mismanaged occupation, I accepted the author’s assumption of incompetence on the part of the American occupation leadership. I educated myself about third world debt and again accepted the incompetence theory to explain huge loans to corrupt local officials and the orgy of misspending that ensued. I knew the terms and conditions imposed by lenders on third world countries only deepened their economic woes, but again, I put that down to incompetence. When will they learn that their demands only make the situations worse? Sigh…Such incompetence.
Not until I read David Icke’s and the truth shall set you free did the penny drop. Ah ha, it is not incompetence at all. It is malevolent competence. There actually is a small fraction of humanity that targets the subjugation of large portions of humanity and will inflict any injustice, any injury, and any indignity upon the rest of humanity in order to achieve that aim. Once I accepted malevolent competence as a force used in our world, all the pieces fell into place and I could, for the first time, see through the dark’s illusion and their various cover stories.
The Iraqi occupation now made perfect sense. Those leading the occupation were malevolently competent and their various missteps were brilliantly conceived if the true, albeit unspoken agenda was a long and dysfunctional occupation in which the oil riches of the occupied country could be plundered. By the way, none of the oil revenues currently flow back to Iraqis. How much better can it get for the occupying forces and the corporate interests they represent? Malevolent competency.
The banksters want countries in their debt where they can inflict their rules with the full support of the global community and enslave the indebted country. Malevolent competency.
It is time for us to end malevolent competency. It is time for us to take back our power.
Freedom for humanity…

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