Doing my Part

A lot of energy was running thru me last night. So much that it was uncomfortable at times and a part of me wondered what I was to do with it all. In the early phases, I tried this and tried that, seeing if there was some way to manage the energy and help it dissipate so I could return to sleep. Nothing seemed to help; in fact my efforting only seemed to make things worse. Then I remembered, for the umpteenth time, ‘This energy does not belong to me. This energy is from Source and Source knows what to do. I will to will Your will.’ With that as my mantra, the energy began to shift and go where it was designed to go.
As I repeated this mantra, I had the sense that I was to use another, ‘I manifest the highest good and the greatest good into the world of form.’ Once or twice with this mantra and the desire came for me to bring this good, this highest and greatest good into the third dimensional space in which I lived. For this, I used a mudra, hand movements with sacred intentions. This mudra is like hold a crystal ball in both hands off to the left side of my body arms as high as they will reach. The imaginary ball is brought to centre and stopped for a moment, then brought straight down to the heart centre or below where it is released into the third dimension. When I am standing, it comes down in front of me, when I am lying down; it comes down to my chest. In either case, it is released into the space around me, in whatever direction I am facing. I did this three times, using the mantra each time.
The release and dissipation of the energy was pronounced and within minutes I was back to sleep. What had happened? That I do not know and may never know. From a stance of surrender, it does not matter, I am simply doing what I am being asked to do, doing my part as the shifts and changes come into the third dimension, the dimension I chose and have consistently chosen these last several thousand years in which to incarnate and experience life. I know I have experienced higher dimensions and they are a lot more enjoyable, but I am here for a reason and ‘I will to will Thy will.’
Do I know what I am doing? No, not really. My guidance has been very specific about one thing and that is that I am not to take a teacher, not in this lifetime, or at least not in any of the moments in which I have asked and especially not in any of those moments when a teacher of others suggests I become their student. In these moments, my guidance is clear and distinct. ‘Do not take a teacher. We (those of the spirit world) will teach you all you need to know.’ So, I bumble along. And yet, it always seems as though once I remember to surrender and re-pledge myself to Source and to guidance from Source, that it all works out as planned. Sometimes, like last night, I can go on a bit of a detour until I remember to surrender and re-pledge myself, but these detours are usually short and of no real consequence. The last extended detour I took was nearly thirty months ago and I have no plans to go on another of that magnitude.
In general, I love the surrendered life. In general, not knowing is of no consequence. I am happy to do my part and from surrender, I am guaranteed to do my part, nothing more and nothing less. When these next two plus years are over, I can rest for a bit and enjoy the rewards for a job well done. Meanwhile, it is with my full dedication and complete attention that I do whatever is given me to do; and it is with a glad heart and deep gratitude that I play my role, whatever it may be.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Freedom for humanity…


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