A Hard Fall and a Reboot

I went for lunch yesterday with two of my daughters and my ten year old granddaughter and decided to walk home, about a three hour walk that I have done before. The Bow River is about half way and it was a beautiful sunny day, a few degrees below freezing. We have lots of snow this fall and the path I chose has a steep decline approaching the river. There had been no slips on the way so I marched confidently down the packed snow of the decline. Without warning my lead foot slipped and I was momentarily airborne before crashing back into the hard pack snow. I took the full weight of the fall on my back, and my head thumped the hard pack as my neck muscles could not prevent it.
There I lay, the wind knocked out of me, and dazed by this sudden turn of events. I struggled into a sitting position and sat for two or three minutes assessing the situation. Nothing seemed broken and I did not seem to have a concussion or even a head ache. It didn’t hurt to breathe but I could not take a deep breath, my diaphragm just would not cooperate. My upper torso was already getting sore and that could be expected to worsen. I gathered up my hat and proceeded gingerly on my way, thankful for remaining ambulatory and with nothing broken.
The sun was still shining brightly in a beautiful blue sky and I asked for information from the high being who resides in the sun. In the wordless communication that followed, I learned this has been a reboot resetting internally after all the changes brought about by the karma clearing command about a month earlier and the progress I had made following that shift. The experience was made as benign as possible, thus nothing broken and no concussion, but the head thump was a necessary part of the rebooting process. I have experienced several reboots in the last eighteen months as my particular journey seems to require these sometimes dramatic experiences.
The discomfort grew during the evening and when I went to bed at my normal hour, I had trouble lying down and no position was without pain. Hmmm…not good. I knew I was being looked after and asked for help with the pain. ‘Why don’t you surrender it? The pain is not yours, so instead of holding onto it, just surrender it back to Divinity like you would something you are attached to. You know how to do this with other things; do it with your pain.’
Excellent idea and I began the process of surrendering my pain. Within a very short time, the pain was tolerable and I drifted into a fitful sleep. I kept waking periodically, partly due to the aftermath of the fall and partly due to energy moving within me. My injuries seemed to be getting better each time I woke and there were more and more positions that allowed sleep. By morning, a fast and full recovery seems certain.
Interesting experience all around. On balance, I would prefer the reboots to be less dramatic and certainly less violent, and again make the request to my guides to find a less disruptive way to achieve the shifts brought about by rebooting.
Freedom for humanity…


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