Post Reboot

Monday was a low point in my cycle and the effects of the hard fall I took on Saturday were most pronounced. Soft tissue damage is evident throughout my upper body, as that is where the fall impacted me. My head suffered no ill effects physically, but the reboot created all sorts of shifts and changes that are beyond my ability to understand. These will play out in their own mysterious way in accordance with guidance and direction from higher powers. I am good with that and feel no need to understand the process, content to continue to follow the guidance given me, as I have done consistently for the past four plus years, since choosing to live in surrender to Divinity.
The whiplash effects of trying unsuccessfully to keep my head from hitting the ground as I fell were minor and aside from the occasional twinge when going from vertical to horizontal, or vice versa, this has not been a problem. My upper torso took the brunt of the fall and that is where most of my discomfort of yesterday was felt. No position was comfortable for long and I spent the day moving around from place to place and position to position. Sometimes I would lie down and I took at least one nap. When I lay down, the general weakness of my upper body was brought home to me as I struggled both in the lying down and the getting up; things you don’t think much about until normal movements like an ordinary sit up are beyond your current capability.
To avoid ingesting fluoride, we buy our drinking water in five gallon (nineteen litre) bottles and manhandling a full one is not something I plan to attempt, but tipping them is well within my capabilities and with a little problem solving, none of this is really an issue.
I had a good book to read and finished it during the day and retired early, sleeping well with only an occasional bout of wakefulness and no pain to speak of. Today is much better and I will be going for a walk later in the day. All in all, the reboot including the fall and everything associated with it is just another event on my surrendered path toward living my purpose and realizing my mission.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I went for my walk, nearly five hours in total, and the location of my fall called me. When I got close a detour presented itself that would allow me to approach the location from the same direction as when I fell. I took the detour and once on it, an NLP technique of running a traumatic incident backward occurred to me. This I did and the effect was profound. At that moment when I was floating in space about to crash to earth, I realized that running it backward would end with me standing lightly on my feet enjoying the walk and the weather. Awesome.
Freedom for humanity…


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