The Blog’s Anniversary

Today is the first anniversary of my blog. My first entry, an introductory piece, was posted one year ago, on December 8, 2009. In the year, I have made about 230 entries, about 50 on the current site and 180 or so on the archived site which can be easily accessed from the current site; never more than one per day and an average of somewhere between four and five per week.
The lead up to my first entry was intense as I waffled back and forth around an intention taken perhaps two weeks earlier to begin writing a blog. When I got real quiet, I found all my resistance was fear based; only then did I transcend my fear and begin this very public sharing. You see, anyone can access my blog, anyone at all and I have no control, none what so ever, in terms of who chooses to read it. I knew I intended to write about the dark few in uncomplimentary terms and they could access my blog and read what I wrote. That was the primary source of my fears.
The intention to write a blog had been with me a long time as I knew blogging was the perfect vehicle for me and my thoughts. Unlike the physical me, a blog is very passive, allowing free will choice to all visitors and completely okay with that huge majority of people who make the free will choice to ignore it altogether. I ‘know’ the time is coming when my blog will be very popular as people scramble looking for answers and my intention is that the blog will have many answers for the genuine seeker. But, and this is a big but, the primary purpose of the blog and its greatest contribution is as a learning tool for its writer. I need only go back and look through the archives to see how much I have learned. I strive for accuracy in all my entries and when new information or learning comes to light, corrections are made to earlier entries. When the learning is minor or occurs before making my next entry, the blog is edited appropriately; when the learning comes later and changes the intention, the correction becomes part of the new entry.
In the early days and weeks of writing the blog, I learned the blog does not belong to me. The blog has a life of its own and carries the will and intentions of beings with far more information and a far greater overview than does my human self. I have lived in surrender to Divinity for well over four years and I recognize the advantages of this choice and these same principles apply to the blog. Early on, I surrendered the blog, accepting that what I write, even when I write, is not up to me; not if I want the blog to be the highest possible quality and represent truth. Best results come by taking these intentions and allowing my guides and my guidance to do the rest through me. In large measure, this I have done.
When I began writing the blog, my intentions were to focus on freedom for humanity and that became the blog’s title. As time went by, I learned or perhaps recognized that humanity’s freedom was directly linked to a process called Ascension. I further recognized that my mission is directly related to Ascension and humanity’s freedom is a by-product of Ascension rather than the other way around. As such, the blog has become more and more about Ascension. True, Ascension brings freedom to all who choose it and Ascension is even bringing freedom to those who do not choose it, but freedom does not necessarily bring Ascension.
It was not until entry number eighty, more than four months into writing the blog that Ascension was even mentioned, but once it was mentioned Ascension soon became the focus and my current blog carries an Ascension summary right after my introduction. In another time and another place, humanity might have worked toward freedom as their primary objective, but in this time and in this place, Ascension is available and freedom will come through Ascension; both for those who choose Ascension and in its own way, freedom will come to those who chose to continue their life in the third dimension.
Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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