Dad Dies

My Dad was eighty seven and in failing health, so his death was not a surprise, but somehow I was not ready for it. Eternally optimism and something called hope had me rooting for Dad to make it through these months until Ascension, knowing that many his age and older would be taking part in this process and moving on to long and fulfilling lives in the Ascended world where age is no longer relevant and physical rejuvenation is the birthright of all, each choosing the physical age they wish to live as.
Nearly three years ago, I experienced Dad’s soul light when he visited me in the ethers. His light was incredibly bright, brighter than any of my other visitors and in that visit, my perception of Dad shifted irrevocably. My Dad was/is a highly evolved being and his misdeeds of this lifetime are a blip, not reflective of what he has done in other lifetimes to achieve this pure and bright light. Somehow Dad lost his way in this lifetime, at least in one action and one overriding belief. The action was an incestuous relationship with the third of his five daughters.
The belief was that we live in a godless universe. An enduring memory is sitting at our kitchen table at about twelve years old with others present and Dad explaining his belief. ‘When we die, we are just like a rock in that field’ nodding out the window to a field across the road, ‘death is the end for us and we are no more.’ Dad never really shifted from this bleak outlook and when I called on him after his death, all I got was a sense of confusion as he is working his way through an after world that matches and is of his own creation.
This makes Dad sound like a closed person, but that was not anywhere close to reality. Dad was a student of everything and a keen observer, especially of natural phenomena. When a part of me felt drawn to a concept and a part of me said, ‘Careful’, I would call or e-mail my Dad and ask his opinion. Shortly back would come the answer, ‘This is complete bunk’, sometimes with a proof and sometimes not, but always he was on target and I would release the misinformation. A year and a half ago, I drove Mum and Dad to a nephew’s wedding in Regina. Dad was open to my strange ideas and asked a lot of questions during the eight hour car ride and on the way home we detoured through the small Saskatchewan town where he was born and lived until migrating several hundred miles in a horse drawn caravan to a new homestead near Lloydminster as a teenager in the 1930’s.
Something that is coming through to me is a strong sense of my ancestors in my Dad’s lineage. This is a common experience for people when they lose a parent as they become the direct contact for the ancestral line that used to past through their parent. I had already dealt with some aspects of this, especially the undertone of sexual abuse that was or is a major thread in Dad’s side of the family. I do not know what is mine to do and what I am to leave to others, but those issues are now proximate and will be worked out over the next few days, weeks, or months.
Meanwhile, I had made plans to travel to Edmonton later today to see Dad, but cancelled them when he died. It now seems I am to revive those plans and visit with my Mum and the family members who are already gathered in Edmonton.
By the way, John Lennon died on the same day thirty years ago and I have been listening to a live recording he did in 1972 with Yoko at his side of his amazing song, Imagine. Cool to share a death date with John Lennon.
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