Planning the Funeral

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I wrote my blog the morning after my Dad’s death and knew I was to join those already gathered in Edmonton, drawn by Dad’s quickly deteriorating condition. I talked to my Mum finding her in very good shape mentally and emotionally and announced my intention to join the gathering family later that day, using the bus as transportation. I sent my bag with my Daughter who works near the bus depot and began my four hour walk, stopping at my Daughter’s office to pick up my bag.
On the walk down I continued to attempt to contact Dad in the spirit realm, something I do frequently with various guides and other spirit entities, mindful that my attempts shortly after has death had yielded a strong sense of confusion as Dad took his long held opinion of no life after death into his afterlife. I knew people work through this self made hell but had no idea how long it would take my Dad. All I could do was keep the pathway open and check in every now and then.
About two thirds into my walk, there was Dad. This is all right brain communications and the spirit entity uses no words. It is communication by telepathy and very efficient because you understand their message and they can understand your thoughts. Sometimes out of habit I use words and this works but is really not necessary. Dad’s message was ‘I am doing fine and you were right about there being an afterlife.’
‘I know Dad, but good to hear from you. Is there anything I can do to help?’
‘Not really, I think I’m getting the hang of it.’
‘Any messages for the others or for Gina?’
‘Tell her I love her.’
‘You know it is not too late if you decide you want to Ascend. The window is open for the next two years.’ I said, hopefully.
‘We will see. It is not presently my priority.’
‘It is your choice, Dad; your free will choice. Let me know if there is some way I can help, and great news that you are learning the afterlife ropes.’
My sister Irene and her husband Doug have a home near Edmonton. They have been helping out and are hosting the gathering crowd. When I arrived, six of seven siblings were present and funeral preparations were in full swing. It was an almost festive atmosphere as we shared stories and worked on things including Dad’s obituary, a very communal effort and we were all pleased with the final result. At some point, I shared my communications with Dad and the information was very well received, especially by my Mum who well knew Dad’s afterlife views and was worried about how it would all play out.
Mum is taking Dad’s death stride, mourning in her own way but solid as always and wonderfully genuine. She plans to continue to live in their lakeside retirement home for the next year and then she will see. She was used to living alone when Dad would go off to look after property he inherited in Costa Rica and being alone is natural and comfortable for her. I can relate, having a great affinity for the hermit archetype. With Mum in such good shape, the rest of us could hardly mope about and an almost festive atmosphere developed.
The funeral is tomorrow at two. My brother and second sister have experience and are officiating and together the planning is all falling into place. Wonderfully independent approach. I love this family.
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