Dad’s Eulogy

Today is Dad’s funeral and I am to give the eulogy. I had a plan but it has steadily grown less and less attractive and as I slept last night, I realized I was to write this morning and use what I write as the basis of my eulogy.
I am Dad’s oldest son and although he was absent much of my youth leaving the parenting of the big four, Sylvia, myself, Nita and Nat largely in the capable and loving hands of my mother, that does not mean he was not influential.
Dad spent an entire year away from home, working in Uranium City as a carpenter building the town site when I was three years old and when he returned it was to long hours and lots of travel working nearer to home.
I quickly learned of his inquiring mind but it did not really draw us together as Dad was interested in things and I was interested in people. Dad was interested in creating in the physical and I was interested in creating in the realm of spirit. Dad was interested in natural phenomena, the earth, the sun, the moon and the stars and I was interested in ghosts and magic and miracles. But still, in its own way, this interest in learning and understanding was something we shared and something that drew us together. You are never too old to learn and there is always more to learn. I learned that from my Dad.
Dad was not perfect and made a serious misstep during my youth and teen years. I was not directly involved in the misstep, but played a role in confronting Dad and bringing this secret to the light a decade or two later. Dad taught me a lot in all of this. He owned what was his to own and did all he was asked to do in efforts to repair the damage done. Honesty is the best policy and it is never too late to be honest. I learned that from Dad.
Dad was never a religious man, in fact quite the opposite. A vivid childhood memory is of Dad explaining his view of the afterlife. ‘We are just like that rock in the field out there. When we die we are no more.’ This bleak view never appealed to me and although I steadily moved away from religion, and even away from Christianity, I knew this view to be uninformed, based on misinformation and on fear, not on truth or on faith.
About three years ago, my views about Dad were completely transformed. I was well into my spiritual journey and with the help of a facilitator invited people to visit me in their spirit form. One who came was Dad. A brilliant and bright light. I was blown away, I had no idea he was so highly evolved. I never again saw Dad in the same way and our relationship was also transformed. I told Dad about all this and he was as surprised as I was but we got along wonderfully after that.
There were premonitions that Dad would not survive a bladder operation he underwent on the twenty sixth of November. Initially all went well but then a heart attack and a rapid deterioration. I made plans to come up and see him before he died but it all happened too fast and I arrived the evening after his death.
I have no regrets, in part because I can communicate with the spirit world and I knew I could communicate with Dad’s spirit. I opened up the channels and that first night all I got was a profound sense of confusion. Dad’s belief in no afterlife was creating confusion in him and that was all he was currently able to communicate. The next day I went for a long walk and Dad came through loud and clear. ‘You were right’ he began and we had a wonderful communication, including his enduring love for my Mum.
Dad is fine and is doing well as his journey continues. He sends all of you his love.
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