Good Practice

The funeral went beautifully. Over eighty people were present. The seven siblings conducted the funeral and a brother-in-law did the music. The six pall bearers were the oldest children of each sibling. Several long distance best wishes were read by appropriate people and several of the people present took advantage of the open mike portion and said some kind words. My eulogy went essentially as planned and we all mingled for a couple of hours following the service as lunch was provided. Very nice all round.
Mother got lots of support, both during the service and at Doug and Irene’s home where the family congregated throughout the week as people came and went, each doing their part as the events unfolded. Mum is a strong and independent person and she seems to be taking everything in stride. As is sometimes the case, the crisis had a galvanizing affect on the family and we became a stronger and more cohesive family through all that transpired, through the vigil preceding Dad’s death, through the planning and execution of the funeral, and through the après-funeral get together.
Mum’s plan is to continue living in their retirement home until at least next fall, which was the plan while Dad was alive. Mum is in good health and has lots of experience living alone. She is very comfortable alone and none of us are worried that she is making a mistake. At eighty eight, she still drives although only during the daytime hours and has a regular regime of a half hour walk every day. She has attentive and helpful neighbours and she will do fine. She revelled in the family dynamics, playing an appropriate role and refusing the many offers for help to get her resettled in her home; saying it will be just like any other homecoming when Dad was away for one of his Costa Rican trips. Mum is a stay at home kind of person and frequently did not accompany Dad on his many travels.
I was given four or five opportunities to expound on my views about what is coming in terms of the spiritual changes over the next few years, including an afternoon tutorial when my brother and I found ourselves alone in the house the day before the funeral. My approach each time was to give my listeners an overview based on my Ascension Summary found in the About section of this blog and then answer the questions asked. At no point did I attempt to convince anyone of anything, simply answering their questions and accepting the free will right of each listener to form their own opinions and make their own choices. ‘Here is what I think will happen, make your own choices’ about sums it up. This is a bright and inquisitive family and we covered a lot of ground.
Attempting to create similar opportunities in the past has not worked for me. Fielding someone’s questions is an entirely different dynamic and that is clearly the way to go. My sense is that the world is steadily becoming more and more open to hearing my point of view and this trend is steadily picking up momentum. The weekend was good practice for what is to come.
Freedom for humanity…


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