Life without Karma

When Dad died, it created a series of projects surrounding aspects of his death. Contacting Dad in the afterlife and seeing if he wanted any of my help. Talking with Mum and seeing if she has any needs or wishes that would benefit from my help. Doing my part in terms of the funeral, its planning and execution. Being there for my siblings and dealing with any issues that Dad’s death creates or unearths. I arrived Thursday evening, the funeral was on Saturday, and as I slept that night; I realized I had done all I was meant to do and it was time to return to my life in Calgary and refocus on my mission.
I currently have no major activities relative to my mission. The work of bringing the karma clearing and rejuvenation commands to humanity is not yet available to me. The rejuvenation command is not yet available to humanity as it has not yet been brought forth by the prime movers in all of this, people I will name later when the time for that seems right. Their plan is to create a workshop and train people such as myself by giving us both commands and permission to take these commands to the rest of humanity. I have offered to help in expediting this process but that offer has not yet been acted upon and so I wait, mostly patiently, but at times with a bit of frustration as valuable time ticks away. At a deep level, I ‘know’ it will all work out and all who choose Ascension will have their opportunity to receive these commands prior to the 2012 winter solstice and any attempts by me to go faster or to bypass the Divine plan will be counterproductive. Thus, I wait and a refrain of patience, patience keeps playing softly in the background.
I was given the karma clearing command in early November but permission to take this command without its close relative, the rejuvenation command, has been denied me. I asked more than once and the response was consistent. ‘No, not yet. Be patient.’
Learning to live without karma has been very interesting. On at least two occasions, I have been presented with situations where I could accumulate new karma. One was a disagreement with my Daughter about a month ago and the second came up during my family visit on Friday night. I was sharing that I had received the karma clearing command and Doug, my brother-in-law expressed the opinion that karma cannot be cleared, it is always in balance. At first we experienced a dysfunctional argument and I was partly responsible. I asked for a second chance and this time we used dialogue and got to the root issues. Essentially we see karma a little differently but I readily agreed that having my karma cleared does not prevent me from creating new karma and he now understands that a onetime clearing of karma from this lifetime and past lifetimes is of great benefit. Most important, I cleared any karma created by our initial dysfunction by doing my part. As it turned out Doug also cleared his karma from that same event and our relationship remained without attracting any new karma.
I gained a fuller understanding of karma through all of this and now realize that many around me continue to carry karma that prevents them from full and open interactions with me. That is currently true of at least three and perhaps all four of my children. I do not share this karma, so this karma is not mine and my karma remains clear. Our relationship is negatively impacted by the karma held by each child, but that is outside of my control and I continue to do my part. My part is respecting the free will of each child and respecting their free will desire to keep this subject undiscussable. With three of them, I now require a very specific invitation before broaching these matters and with Tamara, I now only go so far unless specifically invited. It is not ideal and hopefully will change in time. Meanwhile, in this way I continue my life without karma.
Freedom for humanity…


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4 Responses to Life without Karma

  1. Doug says:

    John ….

    That is not exactly what I said, I said that Karma is a balance that ideally should be in balance however deeds done or undone will put it out of balance, either on the good side or the bad side. No one in my opinion can clear their karma, they can only put it back in balance.

    Doug ……

    • Thanks, Doug. Sorry if I did not get your meaning exactly. The distinction between balance and clearing still eludes me and perhaps always will. Fortunately, it is not necessary for us to agree. By the way, I know my guides see it as a clearing and that is what is being offered to humanity. I can also say from experience that once karma is cleared (balanced) it is much easier to keep it that way.
      Your inputs are greatly appreciated, thanks again.

  2. Monex says:

    It also is a sign of how I deviated from the extreme use of the term karma…..Well the parts in italics are from oKas email the rest are mine. Im not sure if there is an energetic blockage associated with the term karma or with your use of the term. Lets first start off with that I dont like your use of karma and the way you seem to have integrated it into your world.

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