Sins of my Father

My Dad’s death has caused many changes in my spirit world and a profound change in my relationship with my ancestors on my father’s side. Before Dad’s death they came to me through Dad, now they come direct. Very shortly after Dad’s death they came to me and collectively expressed this opinion, ‘You are a stopper, aren’t you.’
‘Yes’, I told them, ‘I am a stopper.’ What was meant by all of this? Quite simply, the sins of my ancestors stop with me. I do not pass them along to the next generation and they are not passed along to future generations. They stop with me.
There is another part of being the stopper which I have only now come to understand. My Dad never apologized to his Daughter for what he did. At a certain level, he saw his incest as mutually agreed and although he recognized that society did not approve and he complied with society’s norms and acted remorseful and asked for his Wife’s forgiveness and the forgiveness of other family members, he never apologized directly to his Daughter for what he did and he never asked her for her forgiveness. After the funeral, another of Dad’s sexual transgressions was brought to my attention. These transgressions were in the form of unwanted advances and expressions of a desire to have sex along with threats made in attempts to gain compliance. When this was outed to my Mum, Dad made up a story; this ended the harassment but Mum accepted the story and a stalemate developed, damaging the relationship between Mum and the other woman. The woman’s husband knew all this and spilled a few of the beans to me after the funeral. I knew there was bad blood between my Dad and these people but I assumed it was because of the incest and was unaware of, or perhaps had forgotten, its independent origins.
Last night, there was a great deal of activity with regards to all of this. My sister Jackie, the incest victim, wrote an e-mail outlining her angry response to the tone of the funeral, celebrating all that was good about my Dad and making little reference to his flaws, at least one of which was very serious and caused great damage. She felt in some way silenced and was speaking out. Brother-in-law Doug had already responded supportively of Jackie speaking out and I added my support in my responding e-mail. Silence is a form of secrecy; it resolves nothing and I too encouraged Jackie to speak out whenever she feels that necessary. Mum is not asking for silence and in fact supported my inclusion of a reference to these events in my eulogy.
My daughter Tamara and I had a lengthy dialogue on all of this before I retired for the night and my ancestors came in my sleep. They were nameless and faceless but there they were, brought to me by their pain and their karma. I asked my guides for help and Divinity came with the following message.
‘Yes, John, you can act as the stopper in all of this and end it if you so choose.’ I indicated my desire to do just that and offered to make apologies on behalf of my Dad if that would help.
‘This releases the ancestors and they no longer have the karma of these and all similar past events.’ I could feel the ancestors, about five of them, entering into me through the back side of my heart chakra as the negative energies of these events drained from them into me and from me back to Divinity.
All that now remains is for me to follow through with my intentions to make what are now my apologies and once that is complete; request to be forgiven.
Freedom for humanity…
In practice I went one step futher and owned Dad’s misdeeds. I am now correcting that mistake and simply apologizing out of empathy rather than as Dad’s representative.


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6 Responses to Sins of my Father

  1. familytreequest says:

    I saw your post on Twitter today. The title caught my eye. I have created a website for “stoppers”. Please read the homepage if you are so inclined. www [dot] familytreequest [dot] com The site is just a beginning. I hope to be able to soon offer more of my own information to help clear, heal and strengthen family lines.

  2. familytreequest says:

    If you go to there is a translatof tab at the top. I think this is Russian. Cut and paste portions of the text to translate.

  3. familytreequest says:

    You’re welcome. Unfortunately, I’ve had similar experiences with my blogs. I’m glad, at least, you got to the truth of it.

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