A Step too Far

The approach of yesterday has an obvious and serious flaw. I did not commit the sins of my father and they are not mine. They belong to my father, not to me.
Now what? Much of what I did yesterday was good. Releasing the ancestors and returning the energies of my ancestor’s misdeeds to Divinity and forgiving my ancestors whatever they did has great power. It is ending the negative cycle and all part of my role as a stopper, as the person in the linage who ends negative cycles and returns the linage to Light filled agendas. All of that was valid and appropriate and conforms to cosmic law.
Even apologizing to the woman Dad wronged is fine. This is complicated because Dad did not ask me to do this on his behalf and it now seems I am to make that distinction. So let’s see how this works. Yes, I can still apologize as a person out of empathy and acknowledge that Dad was not able or not willing to apologize, but I am. I do not have to own his misdeeds to do this; all I have to do is acknowledge the inappropriateness of his actions and the damage his actions and his deceit caused. I can apologize for that on my own behalf; the apology does not have to be on behalf of my Dad. I am not responsible for Dad’s actions anymore than I am responsible for anyone else’s but I can still apologize for the hurt and the harm they caused and offer my support in terms of mitigating the situation.
What about forgiveness. I can forgive my Dad for not apologizing and for going to his death with unfinished business. This particular incident is many years old; my guess is fifty or even sixty years old. If I was looking for an analogy from my own life, it would be the woman I dated in University who shared the fact she had been sexually abused by her father and I ran away rather than helping her deal with it all. When this was brought to my attention early this year, I owned it, apologized and asked to be forgiven. Dad had many opportunities to do likewise and took none of them. Why? In checking with Dad it seems fear was the major obstacle. He had invested a lot in the original lie and he feared the loss of Mum’s love if he came clean. There was also shame in it all and Dad’s choice was to let sleeping dogs lie. I can forgive Dad all of this, but I do not have to continue his error. I can forgive him and I can apologize on his behalf without being asked to do so. My message to my Dad is, ‘Watch me and see how it is done.’
My mistake yesterday, my misstep was taking responsibility for Dad’s actions. Perhaps I can do that and perhaps I cannot. Doing that started me down pathways I did not want to go and created a level of discomfort within me. Already with the shifts made this morning, I can feel very positive shifts. The benefits from yesterday are kept and I do not have to walk where I have not walked before and I do not bend or perhaps even break cosmic law. Breaking cosmic law is a dangerous and very likely destructive path to walk and not one I choose.
I did not do these deeds, Dad did. By keeping that clear I avoid any confusion and stay in compliance with cosmic law. I can forgive Dad for leaving behind this mess for me to deal with. I can clear the negative cycles created by Dad and his ancestors. I can apologize to those still living for Dad’s misdeeds. I can encourage those still living to forgive Dad, while at the same time recognizing forgiveness to be their free will choice. All of this I can do and either have done or will do in the near future.
Dad retains the karma from these events. That is cosmic law. He has many ways to deal with this karma and clear it, but that is not up to me; that is up to Dad.
Freedom for humanity…
So I called the woman who was wronged and I called my sister, the incest victim and made my apologies as the oldest surviving male in the linage. Then I called Mum and gave her a full update. It was all well recieved and at least for now, completes what I am to do.


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