Truth has great power and great patience.
Ever since the dark gained the upper hand here on this beautiful planet, sometime before the fall of Atlantis over twelve thousand years ago, the dark has played fast and loose with the truth and that process continues to this very day. You see, the dark has always intended two classes of humanity on Earth, the masters (the few) and the servants or slaves (the many). The few are a small minority and knew the many would never agree to such an arrangement, so they crafted an illusion and began to ruthlessly attack and eliminate those who questioned or saw through their illusion. In this process, the silent majority have been and continue to be a major ally of the few.
In this process, the very natural human tendency to doubt conspiracy and trust in the powers that be has been a major ally of the few. The few control the mainstream media and report only that which serves their purpose and when something cannot be ignored, the few concoct a cover story that is widely reported and when the truth comes out as it always does, the few insure the truth does not receive mainstream coverage and the cover stories remain in place, believed by the silent majority. The few have great skill in discrediting people who speak truth and in providing misinformation to confuse the silent majority and their control of mainstream media has kept their illusion in place for a very long time.
However, truth has great power and great patience. Anyone who has told a story to cover up the truth knows that sometimes the story takes on a life of its own and in order to keep the story in place, other stories must be concocted and the entire process gets harder and harder to manage. Sometimes these efforts are successful and the story stays in place. Sometimes, the effort just gets too much and the truth comes tumbling out, wreaking its own unique havoc and retribution. Those affected come to terms with the truth and life goes on based on this new foundation.
That process is currently underway on a global scale. The story told by the few is unravelling and keeping that story in place is taking more and more energy. There is an ever growing segment of humanity who see through the story told by the few, an ever growing segment of humanity who know or suspect the truth and this segment is gaining support daily. This has happened before in human history, but each time, the effort was snuffed out by the few and the Lightworkers were discredited or killed and the story remained in place. The life of Jesus was one such attempt, another was King Arthur and his Round Table and there have been others. This time, the attempt will be successful. This time the story told by the few will fail and the truth will come tumbling out, wreaking havoc on the economic and political world as we know it and bringing retribution to the offending few. Everyone will be affected; the few, the Lightworkers and the silent majority. We will each in our own way come to terms with the truth and life will go on based on the truth, based on currently suppressed information that will become the new foundation.
The analogy I like is the fall of the Berlin Wall. It seemed impregnable and unassailable until a few cracks appeared and within a very short time, it was no more. The illusion of the few is like the Berlin Wall. It appears impregnable and unassailable but a few cracks are appearing. WikiLeaks is one of them, the growing movement of Truthout is another, the conspiracy of 9/11 is under more and more attack and these are just a few examples. The collective pressure of these many cracks will soon overwhelm the illusion concocted by the few and like the Berlin Wall in 1989 the illusion will disappear in a very short time, exposing the few to the unblinking light of truth. That will happen before the end of the next year (2011) and I can hardly contain my joy and my excitement.
Freedom for humanity…


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