A Second Chance

In 1968 while in University, I ran into a high school acquaintance from the small town where we both graduated; a woman one year my junior who was also attending University. We were partying and somehow our paths crossed. There was a mutual attraction and at some point that night, we split from the main party and went back to her place. I drank in excess that evening and believe I continued to drink as we talked. She told me she had been or was being sexually abused by her father, a man I knew quite well and liked from our shared hobby of spending time in the local pool hall.
At that moment, I had a decision to make and the direction of my life hung in the balance. My choice at the time was an angry response and we never saw each other again. Another choice available at the time was an empathetic response.
This morning, I am guided to test some new skills or at least; skills not used in this lifetime and make that choice differently. ‘Wow, this is big. I have had way too much to drink tonight to deal with this. Can I crash here and we can talk about it in the morning?’ That was within my capabilities at the time and I now choose to have made this response.
From there, I get to pass out on the couch or some such place and when morning comes, we begin to talk. I am prone to blackouts when drinking and not until years later did I have any memory of this evening, so it seems likely we would have had some hurdles to overcome the next morning but from this beginning, we would have overcome them and I would have become involved in dealing with this issue, becoming Louise’s sideman in whatever took place and encouraging Louise to take back her life and her choices.
It seems we would have entered into a relationship and become a couple through this work. I was in a relationship at the time with the person who became my first wife and mother of my children and that relationship would have ended, so already a much different life develops. My education may have been affected and different doors would have opened to me through this work. I can see a kinder more altruistic life unfolding, but the possibilities are so vast, it soon fades into an ever expanding vista as other choices present themselves.
The choice I made led to a solitary path and a self serving path and a path where Spirit had to end my business career and create a variety of crises leading to my awakening and my eventual surrender to Divinity. From there, I arrived on the path to fulfilling my mission, alone and unencumbered.
The choice I eschewed on that day would have led to a path filled with much more love, a path that would have opened me to love and to being loved in ways that did not happen until many years later. It was not until my third of five sisters came to me about fifteen years later with a very similar story that I opened myself to my true self. My Sister, seven years my junior, had been sexually abused by her (our) Father. I helped my Sister; together we confronted our Father and brought this family secret to the light. It was through this that I began the path to finding my true self, the path I had so long ago eschewed. Thank you for that second chance.
Even my Sister’s incest experience would have been favourably affected. The incest would have been discovered much earlier and my experience dealing with this earlier incident would have made its resolution much quicker and with far less pain all around.
Do I still end up on the path of my mission? That feels worth exploring but not today, at least not on the blog.
Freedom for humanity…


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