Integrating a Hindsight Choice

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Life will change dramatically through Ascension and the lives we will all lead after Ascending will be very different from the lives we are currently leading. Everyone will have skills that now only a few possess and some skills will be added to the mix. Over the next two years, many of these skills are being introduced to willing people and I got to test drive one yesterday.
This skill is working with a decision, working with a choice point in your mind without actually making the choice in reality. It is most useful for present day decisions because you can make a choice and test drive it to see how it works out. If you don’t like the way things went, you can rerun it using a different choice and you can do this as many times as you see fit. Obviously, our choices will better serve everyone affected by using this technique and making the choices that work out the best. The problem with our present day method of choosing is that we do not get do-over’s and have to live with the consequences of poor choices. This process also works with choices we made in the past and I was guided to use the process with a choice I made over forty years ago. You can read all about in yesterday’s blog, called A Second Chance.
The process took me nearly twenty four hours to complete and to integrate the salient information. The guidance to do this work came to me in the night and the work itself was done in the morning. In the early afternoon, I told my daughter about it and she asked, ‘What benefits come of doing this work since you cannot change the past?’
‘True. The past cannot be changed. The benefits appear to be internal shifts to become the person I would have become by making the hindsight choice and perhaps open me to some future experiences that require skills I did not acquire due to the poor choice I made.’ After this conversation, I went for a long walk as the positive effects of the hindsight choice integrated within me and the negative effects of the choice I made seemed to slough off. All of this remained active throughout the night although the process seems essentially complete this morning.
It is like I am now the person who made that long ago choice using the hindsight choice. Nothing else changes, and the results of the inferior choice remain in the world of form, but internally, in my inner world, I am now the person I would have become using the hindsight choice and the skills I would have acquired are now mine to use. This is an oversimplification, and ignores the need to practice skills to hone them, but it is essentially correct. I see the world differently and will respond differently than the person I was prior to working with the hindsight choice. Those are major benefits.
Looking back at all of this, it seems I had a soul level agreement to help this high school friend with her difficulty but through free will, reneged on this agreement. My soul and my guides are infinitely resourceful and found other ways for me to acquire certain necessary skills, but integration was necessary in order to facilitate shifts and changes coming in my life as I live my mission and do the work I came to do.
Awesome experience.
Freedom for humanity…


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