Today is the winter solstice of 2010. It is exactly two years until the end of the current era at the winter solstice of 2012. Today is also the full moon and a lunar eclipse. I stayed up past midnight to see the beginning of the full eclipse here in western Canada before retiring for the night. Each of these events carry strong energies from the cosmos and from cosmic centre and the energies coming to Earth and to humanity during this triple header will forever transform the way life is lived here on this planet and within this solar system. All of this is linked directly to the coming process of Ascension. For a summary about Ascension, go to the About section of this blog for the Ascension Summary that follows my intro.
There is always a time lag between the coming of energy and the effects that energy has in the world of form, so the energies coming now will not show up as changes until sometime in the future, but the presence of these energies makes the coming changes inevitable. What are these changes?
A highly visible change now being introduced is the process of rejuvenation. Rejuvenation is a miraculous process of shifting the physical body so it can carry much more energy and much more Light than present physical bodies can carry. As a side effect, aging will no longer be a factor and in fact, each of us will be able to choose the physical age of our body and maintain that age indefinitely. One of the biggest changes physically between our current bodies and our Ascended bodies is in our DNA. Current bodies carry DNA with two strands, Ascended bodies carry DNA with over two thousand strands, yes you heard that right, over TWO THOUSAND. Rejuvenation prepares our bodies for this shift but the actual change to this far more capable DNA does not occur until after the end of the era.
A related physical change is at the cellular level. Humans and all higher life forms on this planet are carbon based and that will not change. What does change is the form the carbon takes for building cells, the basic building blocks of all physical life. In the Ascended world, the carbon is arranged in a crystalline formation. This crystalline formation of carbon is as yet undiscovered by humanity, but will form the bases of all cells in Ascended bodies, both in humans and in the animals that will share our Ascended world. Rejuvenation also prepares the way for this change.
Rejuvenation became necessary when the dark reengineered humanity’s DNA before the fall of Atlantis over twelve thousand years ago. Prior to that reengineering, humanity had DNA with over two thousand stands and that is the DNA to which we are returning. The dark’s plan was and is to enslave humanity and the Earth’s dark continues that doomed intention. The dark has long known of the plan to bring rejuvenation to humanity and they built a variety of fortifications into the energetic fabric of Earth to prevent rejuvenation. Over the past two years or so, these fortifications have been uncovered and dismantled, and in the last month or so the last of these barriers was overcome, opening the way for the introduction of the rejuvenation command during this solstice/full moon/eclipse.
The Earth’s dark continues their attempts to enslave humanity, despite losing their off world support over ten years ago, despite losing their supporting consciousness a few weeks ago, and despite continuous entreaties by human Lightworkers and their off world supporters to give up the fight and unite with the now nearly unanimous efforts to bring Ascension to this planet. The Earth’s dark controls mainstream media so none of this is in the news, but the dark does not control the internet so all kinds of truth is emerging on the internet.
Truth cannot be denied. It can be covered over and delayed, but it cannot be denied. Rejuvenation is truth. Ascension is truth.
Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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2 Responses to Rejuvenation

  1. Gracias Brother ~ I am looking forward to this time of transformation but still remain in the here and now of connected reality ~a mortal trying to survive, make ends meet and keep a roof over my head. The here and now of connected reality is my playing field of operation.

    I suggest we do what we can to relate to people’s present level of human consciousness ~with humble grace~ then at that relational level strive to raise their consciousness to a higher cosmic consciousness, not a comic one.

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