Balance and Harmony

My intention to improve my relationship with my Son began to take shape. We had a birthday supper for his seventeen year old Daughter and eleven people crowded around a big round table set for eight. My Son sat close to me and we talked in the early going, mostly about my Dad’s death and funeral which my Son did not attend. My inputs were pure, without guilt and without resentment, simply giving information and answering questions. A very good start to improving our relationship.
A borrowed book was returned to my middle Daughter, the veterinarian. It was a novel set in Afghanistan and was soon transferred to me for my reading. I read the entire novel in a single day, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. The Persian countries hold some special interest for me that I don’t yet fully understand, and I find a special compassion within me for their plight; especially so for the beleaguered women of these Islamic countries where religion has been twisted and manipulated to disrupt the natural and Divine balance between masculine and feminine power, tipping the scales drastically in favour of men. The dark specifically targets this imbalance, as their agendas of subjugation and exploitation cannot survive in Divine balance and when I see this imbalance in practice, I know the dark to be involved. Restoring the Divine balance and honouring the female half of humanity is one of the threads of Ascension, a thread to which I feel particularly connected.
Two religious streams have long been under the dark’s control and promote this imbalance. One is the Roman Catholic Church and the other is fundamental Islamic factions; and their influence has spilled over into all parts of these two main Western world religions.
The villain of the novel, aside from the various warring factions reigning death and destruction, is a middle aged shoemaker. He is not religious, but takes a fundamentalist’s view toward marriage and exploits the system to his benefit. He has a cruel streak and imposes a fear based environment within his household enforced by beatings and if necessary, by gunpoint. More than one wife is allowed and the story follows the two women unfortunate enough to become his wives. All good stories are about love and the two wives become friends presenting united opposition to the shoemaker’s cruel excesses. As the older wife says at one point, ‘No one has ever stood up for me before.’
A soul level anger stirs in me each time I encounter elements of male domination or the misuse of authority. That was the root of my disagreement with my Son. In my view, he was abusing parental authority and I would not support him in so doing; neither would I support the manipulation of his siblings aimed at gaining their support. In this same way, I will not support regimes that do this sort of thing and I intend to bring balance to situations around the world were authority is currently misused including systems that support male dominated imbalances.
As the energies of Ascension continue to imbue our entire solar system, soul level memories of balance and harmony are returning to many people and this planet is becoming a kinder and gentler place. The systems of imbalance and disharmony, created and kept in place by the dark are under more and more pressure and soon, they will begin to fall. All wars will end and the beautiful Islamic countries in the former Persian Empire will experience a renaissance mirrored throughout this beautiful planet as people the world over throw off their dark masters and the systems that support them; bringing balanced energies to all human interactions.
We are all one; the male and the female are simply two aspects of the one and harmony reigns when they are balanced.
Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to Balance and Harmony

  1. Brother of Mine ~ I appreciate the above Balance and Harmony. Reading the article I appreciate the actual context from which some of your Tweets today came from. So much of our understanding relies upon context. Something could have meaning in one given context, then plucked out of that context the meaning gets lost and can even become meaningless.

    Keep up the creative work in helping to raise our consciousness.
    ~Namaste, Che Peta, Coordinator~Humane Liberation Party

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