Acting as Source Acts

When I began attending meditation retreats in 2006, the thought occurred to me that a good approach to living my life was to act as Source would act. ‘What would Source do?’ sort of thing. I cannot remember if this came before or after my decision to surrender to Source, and perhaps that does not matter. In either event the two choices are complimentary, from surrender the natural direction is to follow the guidance given from Source and that guidance will be consistent with how Source acts.
Free will stands out when approaching life in this way. Source built an entire Universe, perhaps several by creating beings and turning them loose to follow their own free will. I had spent many years thinking I knew what was best in a wide variety of situations and that it was my job to help others by giving them this information and helping them follow my advice. Not in all situations, but in many. Does Source act in this way? No, decidedly not. Source honours the free will of each and every being. Sovereignty belongs to each created being and Source respects that sovereignty, that free will. Respect for free will is one of the highest of cosmic laws; so much so that our guides and our angels can only help us if we ask.
When I took the intention to act as Source acts, all of this shifted dramatically. I could then see, for the first time, that many of my actions and even the best of my intentions violated the free will of others. No wonder they resisted my advice, no wonder they were resentful even though I had the best of intentions, their best good at heart. I was interfering with their free will. I was in my second marriage at the time and resolved to honour her free will. That was not as big a shift as I at first feared, and I found I could be happy with whatever choices my spouse made. That was quite a revelation, ‘You mean my happiness does not depend on the choices of others?’ That quickly became obvious. There was always another way and respecting my spouse’s free will created no real hardship.
I learned to respect an aspect of her free will sometime in the mid 1990s when she balked at something I thought really mattered. ‘Hmmm…Respect for free will says she gets to choose. What happens if I honour that?’ Within seconds, I could see that I could live with her choice and live with it quite happily. Honouring her choice did not create insurmountable difficulties or irretrievable loss of face. That was a huge turning point for me.
Soon after that, an interesting realization occurred to me. My free will was sometimes not being honoured by my spouse. Especially when she asked me to do something, she did not respect my free will and in her mind, I had no choice but to comply. That was the hardest part of free will for me; taking back my own free will. Prior to honouring her free will, it was a game of give and take. She got her way in the day to day, the minutia and in my mind; I got my way when it really mattered to me. When I honoured her free will on something I thought really mattered and found I was happy with doing so, I began to realize I had been giving away my own free will and was getting nothing in return.
I began to treat each request she made as an exercise in free will. Things I enjoyed doing and things I could do that she could not were things I continued to do. Things that created inner turmoil and things she could do as easily as me, I declined. At first anything I declined was fodder for an argument, but over time we reached a new homeostasis and free will was respected all around. She never really embraced this concept as I did, claiming to want a life of compromise where we did things together; some her choice and some mine, instead of a life of free will. That is a choice many make. I see it all around me, but it is not a choice that honours free will, and is therefore not acting as Source acts.
It could be argued that this led to our eventual separation. In my mind, our separation was the result of her wanting a life of ease and comfort and my wanting to aggressively pursue my mission. Perhaps we could have both while living together, but my guidance was otherwise.
I will to will Thy Will.
Freedom for humanity…


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