A Lesson Learned

On Christmas day, I woke with the beginnings of a cold and did my normal process, surrendering the cold to Divinity. The process was acknowledged and I went about my day thinking no more about it except perhaps a small niggle of concern that down times like the Christmas holidays had been times in the past when my process has not worked, in part because I had the time to deal with a cold and was not really very involved with the Christmas activities as I do not buy presents and therefore receive few; a situation that suits me and my non-material temperament and has been generally accepted by all my loved ones.
The next two days, I suffered as the cold took hold. At first, I was disappointed as I could not remember the last time I came down with a cold, using the surrender process with success on many occasions. I am transparent about most things, attempting to be transparent about all things, and my family was well aware that I considered colds to be a part of my past. The first time this came up, I responded with what was given me, ‘Well, as we both know, it is not up to me. All I do is give the cold back to Source and the decision is then up to Source. This time it was given back to me.’ That struck me as precisely true and the situation became just another event along my surrendered path. There was some reason I was given back the cold and I became open to learning whatever lesson was targeted; knowing that sometimes the reason and the lesson does not reach the level of our conscious mind.
On the third day, we returned home to Calgary and my middle daughter hosted an impromptu siblings gathering with ordered in food as a stand-in for our planned Christmas gathering scheduled for the following day. An important family friend had died after a lengthy illness and attending the funeral in Saskatoon conflicted so the family celebration of Christmas would have to be postponed.
The worst of my cold had passed and the recovery phase had begun so I attended as invited and generally kept low key, something all cooperated with seeing my weakened state. My kids love to play games, something I now rarely participate in as competing no longer attracts me. Instead I lounged around and retired early to the guest room to continue my recovery process.
I woke to a quiet house sometime past two o’clock and realized my oldest daughter had left me behind to stay the night. After getting necessary supplies such as water and Kleenexes, I undressed and settled under the covers to continue my recovery process.
As I lay there, I had another bout of worrying about how my rejuvenated appearance would be accepted in airports and at customs since I hope to soon look far younger than my passport picture and that may be difficult to explain. I am not a worrier, but a part of me was worrying that those still powerful few resisting Ascension will be alerted to the threat I pose to the New World Order and prevent my Ascension contributions.
At some point, I realized fear and doubt to be the root causes of my worry. During my karma clearing session, fear and doubt had been cleared and the technique used had been to return them to Source, surrendering them. I called Source in targeting a similar process and Source came. In a sudden release, like the failing of a dam, it was all returned to Source, my whole body shuddering in the process. Suddenly I could see this was not my concern. Perhaps my role is to be apprehended and use the power flowing through me to bring down those who continue to resist the Divine process of Ascension. That is not for me to know, and certainly not for me to worry about. That I surrender to Divinity.
I woke a 4.14 with my cold gone and my head clear. The cold had been a route to learning this important lesson and once learned; Divinity saw fit to release me from its grip. In full and grateful health, I walked home in about five centimetres of new snow and wintery weather to make myself ready for our trip later today to attend Carla’s funeral.
Freedom for humanity…
In the forty eight hours since posting this, my experience has been more one of muted symptoms as the cold works its normal way through my system rather than my cold being gone. It now seems my brush with Divinity created energies in which the disease could not coexist, but it remained in the background, playing out in a muted way.


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