I attended the funeral yesterday of a long-time friend, a bridge player and a doctor who later became a family friend and mentor to my daughters. Her name was Carla and it seems she is okay with my using her name. Carla was a classic example of someone using their free will to take their life in directions of their own choosing, what I call small self directions, and consistently ignored and overrode the promptings of her soul; thus her mission was lost.
Carla came to serve humanity and in her own small self way, she did just that; using her energies and her skills to help all whose paths crossed hers. However, Carla came for a specific mission related to Ascension and in order to fulfil that mission she would have had to transcend her small self and surrender to the guidance welling up deep within her. Carla was not willing or not able to honour this guidance and as the time for her mission neared; her soul sent her ever more insistent reminders, ending with the disease that took her life. The similarities to my life are stunning and our friendship was based on this soul level recognition of people with similar missions.
When I learned Carla was dying, I went to see her and managed a short visit, mostly with her husband and caregiver, also a long-time friend. Later I was informed Carla did not want to see me and that came as no surprise, since my agenda was a soul level reminder that she could chose to honour her soul’s promptings and her illness would disappear. This was a message she did not want to hear and a message I was not invited to deliver. I honoured that lack of an invitation and the lack of a suitable opportunity and the soul to soul reminder stayed in the ethers and was never acted upon in the world of form.
The funeral was for me a unique experience. I made attempts to contact Carla and she came quite readily. At first, I attempted communications but found I had nothing to say, in fact, my stuff was all based on recruiting her in some way for Ascension and that was clearly inappropriate; but when I simply held space and allowed her spirit a vantage point to observe her own funeral, that seemed well received. This took energy and an uncluttered mind, so I borrowed from my meditation training and managed quite nicely. It was a highly emotional experience for me, likely feeling Carla’s emotions. When the service ended, I wanted to pay my respects to her husband and this we did before heading back to Calgary.
This experience raised some metaphysical questions. What lives on in Carla’s spirit or soul and what dies with her physical death? Last night this all seemed mysterious, this morning the mystery is no more. Carla died four days before her funeral. In that time, she had her life review and by the funeral already understood her errors and her failed mission and the factors that contributed. Forgiveness is natural in the afterlife and all those who caused her pain while she was alive were forgiven, including me. For Carla, the funeral was a opportunity to say goodbye to the living and to learn a little about how others saw her and she was grateful for the opportunity I gave her to experience this at a human level without the thoughts and judgements that so many of us carry.
Carla moves quickly once making choices and already, she is planning her next lifetime. It is not too late to be a part of Ascension and that remains a possibility for Carla. I hope that happens. Carla is a beautiful, kind, loving, and generous soul; a soul that will flourish and blossom in the New Earth.
Freedom for humanity…


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