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I have been given nothing to write this morning and the thought occured, ‘Why not post what I wrote a year ago?’ I wrote nothing a year ago, but on December 17,2009 I wrote this and it seems very appropriate. … Continue reading

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Truth has great power and great patience. Ever since the dark gained the upper hand here on this beautiful planet, sometime before the fall of Atlantis over twelve thousand years ago, the dark has played fast and loose with the … Continue reading

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A Strained Relationship

My Son is thirty five years old, married eighteen months ago to his second wife, with two children from his first marriage. He has joint custody although the oldest is just turning seventeen and has chosen to live full time … Continue reading

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A Step too Far

The approach of yesterday has an obvious and serious flaw. I did not commit the sins of my father and they are not mine. They belong to my father, not to me. Now what? Much of what I did yesterday … Continue reading

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Sins of my Father

My Dad’s death has caused many changes in my spirit world and a profound change in my relationship with my ancestors on my father’s side. Before Dad’s death they came to me through Dad, now they come direct. Very shortly … Continue reading

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Life without Karma

When Dad died, it created a series of projects surrounding aspects of his death. Contacting Dad in the afterlife and seeing if he wanted any of my help. Talking with Mum and seeing if she has any needs or wishes … Continue reading

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Good Practice

The funeral went beautifully. Over eighty people were present. The seven siblings conducted the funeral and a brother-in-law did the music. The six pall bearers were the oldest children of each sibling. Several long distance best wishes were read by … Continue reading

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