These last ten days have been the Holidays for me and although I do not work, they have been very typical of that interlude over Christmas and New Years dominated by family, food, drink, games, presents, and generally slothful behaviour. Throw in a funeral and well over twenty fours of travel time as I moved from Calgary to Edmonton, back to Calgary, then to Saskatoon, and back to Calgary and a holiday’s cold and you get the picture of someone who is well off their normal routines.
Part of my malaise is a general sense of waiting for my calling to take form. Through surrender to Divinity and following the guidance given me, including writing the blog; a great deal of learning has taken place. My life’s mission has been illuminated and is now firmly identified. The timing for doing that work is contingent on a number of things and since putting in place a key component in early November, it has been essentially an exercise in waiting and in maintaining my faith and readiness. Patiently waiting and the holiday temptations has seen me overindulge on a number of occasions, especially in the food department since my body now seems to shut down after two or three drinks.
Yesterday was the Christmas get-together for my kids and their families. We are now twelve, four siblings and their significant others, three grandchildren and me; thirteen if you count the seventeen year old’s boyfriend. My Son and his wife hosted the event, complete with turkey and all the trimmings, a gift opening ceremony and lots to drink and nibble upon. The nibbling upon was my downfall, especially one concoction that kept drawing me like a fly to sugar. It seems I overdid it and spent several hours in various stages of discomfort before my system returned to equilibrium and the digestive process prevailed.
Fortunately, all my kids live in Calgary, so none are traveling and today is Sunday and a day of rest as those who work get ready to return. That description fits for me as well as I take stock and return to my routines, left to my semi-reclusive ways and free of the many holiday distractions that took away my time and attention over the last ten days or so.
For many, family is their highest priority and the holidays are a highlight. For me, my family is humanity and the holidays and their focus on subsets of that magnificent family called humanity are but an interlude and a distraction from my life purpose and my mission.
What is my mission? You can go to the About portion of this blog and read An Ascension Summary which follows my brief bio. This was written several weeks ago and remains valid. Once begun, I expect to be very busy; until then, I wait patiently and faithfully.
Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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