Every four hundred years or so since the fall of Atlantis over twelve thousand years ago, the Light has organized attempts to bring a golden age to humanity. If successful, the golden age would lead to Ascension. Until this current attempt, the odds were stacked against the Light and each time, the attempt was thwarted by the dark and those serving the dark’s interests. On this current attempt, the cycle of the dark is ending and many supporting cycles are coming into play. On this occasion, Ascension is supported as never before and the dark’s long reign is about to end. Ascension will take place as described in An Ascension Summary in the About section of this blog.
Some of these attempts are well known pieces of history and although the dark has rewritten history to their liking, the signature of the Light often remains very recognizable. Since becoming aware of this cycle in November, I have been interested in information linking historical events with this cycle. Recently the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten has been identified as one such attempt, a little over thirteen hundred years before the birth of Jesus.
Akhenaten’s attempt enjoyed considerable success. He became the ruler of Egypt and ruled for seventeen years. He knew the status quo to be a stronghold of the dark and built an entire new city where he and his supporters took up residence. His target was a golden age and Ascension, and his teachings were based on the unchangeable tenants of the Light, such as one all powerful Creator, free will and sovereignty for each individual, balance between male and female powers, and love being the foundation of our created universe. The dark overthrew Akhenaten ending his attempt at a golden age, destroyed the city he built, and rewrote his teachings to restore the traditions that preceded him.
Akhenaten was not killed in this coupe and went on to a second career, also a famous historical figure, that of Moses. As Moses, he led the Hebrews out of Egypt, a story well preserved by the Hebrews and part of the religious traditions of both the Jews and the Christians.
Part of my interest stems from information given me that I have been directly involved with each of these attempts although based on my current lifetime, it seems entirely possible that I lost my way on some of these occasions and played no direct role. As my soul’s memory is restored, I will know more and studying these unique historical events helps retrieve these memories.
I played a role in Akhenaten’s time and have been shown parts of that lifetime. My memory begins with a purification ceremony where I transcended the dark’s influence which was stripped from me by a high priestess and exited through the soles of my feet. Thus transformed, I took over a temple previously occupied by dark agents and gathered a team of Lightworkers where we welcomed people from all over the know world targeting Ascension. That lifetime ended as I was holding space for my temple and the work being done there. I confronted a dark agent and his wife came up behind me and put a dagger in my heart. I stuck around in spirit form to watch the dark overrun my life’s work and those protected by me were either killed or went into hiding.
I was not part of the Exodus, my life having ended in the coupe that ended Akhenaten’s reign.
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