Women and Me

A part of me wanted to be a lady’s man when I was young. My closest friend in high school was just such a person. He was a year older and in the next grade but we did many things together and on more than one occasion women were involved. In the fun, frivolity and drinking environment we created, I was no match for my charming friend and he would end up with his choice of the women partying with us.
At a certain level I knew a relationship based on fun and frivolity was not what I was seeking. At that same level, I knew I did not want to be a lady’s man. One night stands and shallow relationships was not really of interest to me and neither was pretending to be someone I was not. Even then, I wanted to be authentic and to find someone who appreciated me, who loved me for who I really was.
My friend had a sister who visited occasionally from some distant town. Their mother had died and the sister no longer lived with her remarried father. She was a person I wanted to get to know, but she was frightened by my intensity and the relationship went nowhere.
Years later, I was introduced to the concept of one’s completion. Souls are created in pairs and the other half of the pair we are created with is our completion, our perfect love match. That’s what I wanted, that’s what I have been looking for all this lifetime. Since learning of this concept about five years ago, I began the process of attracting my completion into my life. How hard can that be? After all, I was following my guidance at each step along the way and surrendered to Divinity in the overview, so it should be a simple matter to attract my completion and live out the rest of this lifetime in that sacred relationship.
Along the way, information came to me that attracting my completion was not the simple matter I anticipated. Two factors were at play. One was that I had a mission and that mission required my full and complete attention. The other was the unfortunate fact that my completion is not incarnate as a human being, at least not on this planet, not on Earth. Early last year this disappointing fact was made know to me along with the encouraging information that by completing my mission, I will contribute to creating the changes necessary to allow us to reunite. In other words, successful Ascension creates conditions in which my completion and I can meet and be reunited. That is my current expectation.
It seems important to finalize my relationships with females in this lifetime. I met my first wife during the year I took off from university between first and second year. We became physically intimate but lacked the soul level spark of people who have travelled many lifetimes together. The next year, I went back to university and a high school acquaintance requested my help. Had I chosen to give her the help she requested, my life may have been blessed with much more love, but I declined and continued the relationship with the person who became my first wife. That marriage was blessed with four wonderful children but was based more on competition than on love and ended about fifteen years later.
My second marriage was a much better match based on love and strong physical compatibility. We completed our soul level contract and went our separate ways as was my guidance. She was unsupportive of my mission and wanted us both to retire in comfort. When this choice was in the balance, I was given information that staying together would result in her death and soon after told her of my choice to leave. We lived together for over a year after making that choice and those months were truly blessed.
Meanwhile, I live another stint of aloneness as I focus single-mindedly on my mission.
Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to Women and Me

  1. Wednesday ~ January 5, 2011
    I can relate brother. I dedicated my life long ago to helping to build up a strong social movement that I want to see cultivated into a Peaceful Revolution. I want to exhaust all legal peaceful methods of struggle. I cannot wait around aimless and actionless waiting for any kind of ascencion. I try not to get sidetracked into any kind of escapism from my duty and responsibility to help make the revolution here now upon Mother Earth.

    Let us know more what you consider your Mission is today. Mine is simple: to help others all I can and I am sincerely willing to sacrifice my life. ~Namaste, Che Peta

    • Thank you Peta. We are both on the same loosely knit team working toward positive change here on Earth and each making our individual unique contribution.
      My mission revolves around the Divine process of Ascension, and I appreciate your doubts about this process as there is little evidence as yet to support those who believe Ascension is coming.
      Keep following your guidance and pursuing your Mission and I look forward to that time when we meet in success.

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