Ascension and the Big Bang

When it comes to sentient life, what Source created in the beginning is something called a monad, and a monad is far too big to incarnate as a human being or as any other life form. As a consequence, each monad sends forth a finger of itself as an individual and many monads, perhaps all monads send forth many fingers. Once this is done, that finger retains its individuality as it goes on its journey thru the cosmos, thru many lives and many deaths, thru many experiences on either side of the divide we call death; and each soul eventually makes its way back to its monad and back to Source. Each monad is never far from Source being unable to stray too far from that energy source and from cosmic centre where these high beings reside.
Source itself can send messengers and emissaries and little bits of itself to the far flung reaches of the universe, places like earth, but cannot itself go a wandering. These unimaginable energies must remain in cosmic centre or the whole thing would come apart. Probably missing some things here, but the big picture is in place.
It seems that when a soul is birthed and by soul, I mean that tiny fragment of a monad; when a soul is birthed, it is birthed as a pair and each is the other’s completion.
Does ones completion come from the same monad, or from a different monad? It seems ones completion has to come from a different monad, as the souls that arise from the same monad all share common characteristics and the completion comes from another monad balancing all that needs balancing.
There is always a connection between any soul and its completion. The norm appears to be that they kind of go their separate ways initially, learning life’s lessons and travelling life’s pathways, gaining maturity and coming ever closer to returning to Source, which is the target of each soul’s journey. At some point, the lessons to be learned individually are learned and the souls are able to reunite and continue their journey together, each supporting the other and each completing the other. They are not one, they remain two and separate individuals, but they are able to stay together and work together and they complement each other in a natural and symbiotic arrangement, following each other thru lifetimes and times in the bardo planning new lifetimes or providing services from the other side, from the world of spirit.
Through the process of Ascension, many souls will be joined by their completion; not all and not even a majority but certainly some as they have reached that level of mutual maturity that allows them to continue their journey together, rather than apart. That level of maturity is related to service. As self interested beings we must travel alone, but once we make the transition and realize that life is all about service, we can travel with our completion. That seems the way of this game, this game we call life.
Ascension is a major shift, not only for humanity, but for the entire universe. It begins the inbreath of this cycle. During the outbreath, the start of which humanity calls the big bang, creation is the focus and various experiments take place. The dark is one such experiment as is Earth and Ascension. During the inbreath all is resolved and all return to Source, awaiting the next outbreath. The Ascension of earth and of humanity is deliberately timed to coincide with the beginning of the inbreath. That was the reason for this great experiment on earth in the first place. One way to look at this is that we are half way through this cycle. The outbreath is ending and the inbreath is about to begin.
Those who Ascend are destined to become physical angels, the first such beings in this particular cycle. As such, we can travel within the known universe and serve others. The how and the what of this is unclear to me and not something that needs to be explored at this time. What I do know is that the physical body after Ascension is ageless and some will chose to remain in that state and in that physical body right up to the time of rejoining Source; when this entire cycle is ended and preparations begin for a new cycle.
Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to Ascension and the Big Bang

  1. 1-13-2011 @5:06 PM ~ Stuff here is getting deep. I am not sure I want to be a physical angel. I have gotten pretty use to this host body. I mainly see where I am here now, see the global overview and can grasp the concept of the cosmos. I do not want to get offtrack and distracted from my primary purpose: to help others here now upon Mother Earth.

    I know I have so much to learn. I am truly ignorant of all that I do not know. Much of what I do know I do not now fully understand. I know when I am hungry, I know when my soul is hungry.

    Let us not forget our advocacy work to get the Amerikan Empire out of the graveyard of empires in Afghanisnam! There are real evils being done by evildoers here now upon Mother Earth. I do not want to fall into any form of escapism.
    ~Namaste, Che Peta

    • Hi Peta
      This one is deep and if anyone asked me to prove any of this I would readily admit that I cannot. When I embarked on this path, I knew I would be ‘out there’ and some will feel that I speak is truth and others will feel I am dillusional. That is their choice, each and every one of them. In my view, we are not too far from huge shifts and the great uncertainty that comes with shifts. So I get my stuff out there, because it may help someone. My only concern and my only check and balance is that I feel my stuff reflects truth. That is an internal process and one of which I am very respectful. But in the end, it is entirely up to you. Does it resonate with you or does it not.
      One of my friends says: The stuff you do is very different from the stuff I do which is very different from the stuff she does. What she says is that each is necessary. It is all different, but each is necessary. Do what you do and do it to the best of your abiltiy. It is all necessary.
      Namaste, John

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