We are all equal in the eyes of Divinity.
Getting ones head around this concept is no simple matter and I have met many spiritually advanced people who have not yet done so, who continue to buy into the dark’s illusion that some are better than others and that classes of people is an appropriate way to structure this world.
Yesterday, I explored sovereignty and the concept that in highly advanced societies, each individual has sovereignty, therefore there are no masters and there are no slaves. Equality flows from the concept of individual sovereignty. Because we each have sovereignty, we each report to no one save Divinity, we each are accountable only to Divinity. All of us are subjected to attempts by others, many of them well meaning, to have us report to them but all of that is part of the illusion. Nations and courts and corporations and authority figures everywhere would have us believe we are accountable to someone or something other than Divinity. None of that is true. We each have personal sovereignty and we each are accountable only to Divinity.
We are all equal in the eyes of Divinity. I was born knowing this truth and have used it in every facet of my life; not all the time but consistently and I have succeeded in every phase and role of my life while honouring this truth: We are equal in the eyes of Divinity. I used this truth as a parent, treating my children as miniature adults; honouring their free will and encouraging them to honour the free will of others. I used this truth as an executive in a corporation, treating each employee as an expert in their job and never requiring anyone to do anything they did not want to do. I used this truth as a husband, honouring the free will of my spouse and insisting she honour my free will. This truth served me well in each of these situations and served everyone involved. Equality works.
Few human systems currently accept this truth, but that does not invalidate it. Systems that do not honour truth eventually decay and that is what we are seeing happening today as the systems of the dark, systems of inequality, systems of class and privilege begin to crack and crumble. Many would have us believe that this decay is catastrophic and will lead to wretchedness and ruin, but I know better. These systems of inequality create wretchedness and ruin for all but the few at the top and eventually for them as well.
The Divine right of Kings survived for several millennia but eventually proved to be insupportable and the masses of humanity eventually threw off this yoke of inequality. The dark were very much in control at the time and continued systems of maintaining collective sovereignty such as nation states and legislative bodies of one form or another. In doing so they created an illusion of freedom and that illusion continues to this day. But illusions are not based on truth and eventually illusions decay. That is also happening as we watch and the dark’s illusion of freedom is cracking and crumbling: to be replaced by equality.
The change that is coming is being driven by the Light and equality is a central tenant of the Light. The change that is coming will recognize the essential equality of each individual. None of us is a slave to any other and therefore, none of us is a master. We are all equal. Not in our roles, not in our capabilities, not in any measurable way. In these we are all different; however, intrinsically, we are all equal. We are all equal in the eyes of Divinity.
Freedom for humanity…


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One Response to Equality

  1. Yes, we are all equal in the eye of divinity. Even our humane rights are bestowed upon us by Creator, not merely the U.S. Constitution.

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