A Free Will Choice

Since surrendering to Divinity in May 2006, nearly five years ago, most of my decisions are easily taken. I simply get quiet so as to sense and feel my inner guidance or sleep on it and wake up ‘knowing’ what I am to do; and then do it. The ‘then do it’ is not always an easy matter, but when I am clear about my guidance, following it has rarely been an issue and except for a three month detour in the spring of 2008 right after making the major shift of becoming fully available for my mission, I have followed the guidance given me.
What I am writing about today are those times when my guidance is not clear. This was partially true of my detour but in hind sight and many times during the detour my guidance was clear and I simply overruled my guidance. This is a free will universe and my free will was accepted except my body and my soul were by then in revolt. I had given my soul the driver’s seat and for about four years had followed my soul’s guidance coming ever closer to doing what I came to do, ever closer to living my mission and my soul was not going to quietly accept a detour and miss out on what I came to do. My soul and my body arranged for me to have an illness, prostate cancer to be exact. Fortunately, I came to my senses before it was fully manifest and after a couple of months of once again following my guidance, the illness was taken from me. I was miraculously healed without doctors and without any of their messy treatments. That is another story.
Unclear guidance is very different from resistance to guidance. The first time I knowingly encountered unclear guidance was in early 2009. I followed clear guidance that I was to give up the healing work I was doing and cut my ties with that particular healing modality. This I did and found myself at loose ends. I chose to educate myself about the dark and their current day influence. As I did this, I became more and more convinced that the road to humanity’s freedom and to my mission went through deposing the dark, ousting them from power. In this matter, my guidance was unclear. It was like sitting in a guidance vacuum and no matter how many times I asked for guidance or how many different ways I sought out that guidance, none was given me, either positive or negative. Not strictly true, at some level the guidance was there, and it said, ‘This is a choice you must make yourself. We cannot make it for you.’
Another choice like this is getting involved with the karmic clearing and rejuvenation commands. I have come to this choice on three different occasions and each time, my guides went silent and stayed silent, giving me no indication as to where they sat. The first was a fine day in mid October, the second was during the karma clearing process itself in early November and the third is happening now, initiated by an e-mail from the people being given the rejuvenation command. It is my intention to respond appropriately to that e-mail and I have asked for guidance in that regard.
I test ran the current choice using two branches. One is remaining in the background and letting the rejuvenation command come to me. My prime purpose of keeping humanity informed remains. My involvement is low key and without stress and I am on the sidelines of the process, but Ascend and continue a role in the Ascended world. That seems the low stress way to fulfilling my mission.
The other was to continue my current intention to become directly involved with rejuvenation and in taking the karmic clearing and rejuvenation commands to humanity. This was instantly sidetracked into speaking my mind about making these commands as widely and as freely available as possible. That seems my role in the event I choose this path.
My guides seem completely on the sidelines here. It is my choice and either will lead to my mission, which currently seems less about making humanity ready for Ascension and more about what happens after Ascension and perhaps related to readying humanity to accept and embrace the child of amazing Light that was shown me in the fall of 2008 and who will be born in late December of 2012.
Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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